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We're just getting into overseeding the courses for the winter Snowbird Season. Greens are usually the quickest and smoothest during our 'winter'. Worst I'll see is a frost delay. :)
One is taught and licensed by the pga to teach, the other a playing professional. Few teaching pros are anywhere near good enough to be a playing professional. I've managed to beat a few, and I'm a weekend hack.
With regards to accuracy, I can only speak to my personal experience. When I bought my original sg3, I was more than a little skeptical, so I drug along my laser for about 3 months. To compare apples to apples, I would always laser the front of the green, or a bunker because there is no way the gps can give specific yardage to the pin as it's placement varies. In summary, every yardage I shot with the laser was never more than 3 yards difference than the gps. This within...
Not to put too fine a point on it, but you can't 'buy' a golf game. The only real way to increase your distance is to increase your clubhead speed. Technology isn't going to do it for you.   Before I got old, I used to be fairly long, launching range balls into the box cars out the back of the driving range @ 320 carry with the original/first TM Pittsburg persimmon at 36 years of age. When we had wood drivers, I thought anything under 300 was a par 3.   I...
Have had my sg5 for two years, the sg3 before that, almost 3. Zero problems with either. Yearly fees seems to be a personal/religious position, as several people I know who bitch about it blow more than the annual fee on beer and junk in a weekend. Seems kinda stupid, but hey, to each his own.  :)   I have about 12 courses on mine, I don't play out of state (or seldom out of town), so I never have to load courses. Just my situation of course.
I can tell you from experience that every shaft, graphite or steel, that I have touched has a NBP (natural bend point) or more commonly called a 'spine' (it isn't, but that's another story). The last set of shafts I bought, c-tapers, varied from a minor yet repeatable NBP, to ones so obvious all you had to do was load the tip of the shaft and it would snap violently to it's NBP, without even touching the shaft. From a variance perspective across the set, they are much...
Are you referring to a difference in the amount of spine, graphite vs steel, or variations found in different shafts for a given type (steel or graphite)?
Well, maybe some people's eyesight sucks, but if you are standing on my target line, behind the tees I will see you. That by itself is ok, long as you don't move. You move, I'll ask you to stand somewhere else. What I don't understand is why people need to stand there anyway. I didn't ask them to, and I don't need help tracking my ball thanks. Many seem to care what the pros do, so why dont you stand in front of me (on the side of the tee box), so if you DO move it isn't...
It was.   During the winter, we get so many people down here (Snow Birds) that it chokes our city down to a crawl. During that time, I play the local muni outside of town in order to get a decent time for a round. At the more popular tourist traps, rounds take 5+ hours and cost twice as much or more than during the summer when I play them. Stupid people...   I just wish people would stay where ever their from, enjoy their winter, and let me enjoy mine.  ;)
I've only had mine a few months, playing them every Sunday, with an occasional Saturday, wife permitting. I switch between two pairs, and have noticed no appreciable wear to this point. Sorry I can't be of more help.  
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