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20* Pro Black is the first hybrid to actually stay in the bag, replacing my 3 iron.
Deep breaths, and try to relax. I remember my first USGA qualifier: I was so nervous on the first tee my legs were trembling as I addressed the ball. Almost couldn't swing the club. :) And have a great time!
Shot one over from the tips (7100), using 15 year old ISI nickels. Old tech is good... :)
While we can play year round, it's not a good place to play. Too much sun, hot in the summer, cold winters (I actually have to wear a sweater and pants on some days), and it can sometimes take four to four and a half hours to play a round! it's terrible. So please, everyone, STOP COMING DOWN HERE! ;)
True Linkswear are the most comfortable shoe, golf or otherwise, I've ever worn. Like playing golf in your house slippers.
And once you hit 50, you no longer care what looks silly/feels weird/other people think. My Clic (and previously a SunMountain) has allowed me to continue walking without killing my lower back by carrying a bag.   Pushing a cart does involve some deviations on the course that carrying doesn't, but to me it's worth it. And I still get to walk.  :)
I have a set of i3 blades that I stuck a set of Penley stealth 80 stiffs in. When swung correctly, they are as accurate as anything else I own. But, having played them only a few times, I get in trouble with the overall lighter club coming through a little early...  :)   My S400s, maybe because of their weight(?), are a little easier to keep on plane and in sync, but I loose a little distance because of the heavier club. Not enough to worry over though. They (steel)...
Recently rode, to appease my wife, and didn't like it at all. It was the first, and last time this year. We have a fair number of walkers here in Tucson AZ, even in the summer. We just play earlier during the summer months...  :)   I guess it's just not me is all. I understand if you can't walk, as I will likely get there some day. Hope not though.
Thanks for replying. I may try them anyway, as I need to replace these x-flex shafts at the very least.
Thank you for the excellently written review. While I'm not as good as you, nor as long (my 5 iron only goes 190), we are similar enough that I can take much of what you said and apply it to my situation.   I recently acquired two sets of irons, one came with AWTs in X flex, and the other, S400s. The Xs are too stiff although I do like the accuracy, and the S400s are too heavy for my aging swing. Or at least they feel too heavy when I'm out on the back nine and...
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