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6 over today. Had to play a refurbished set of ISI nickels I got Friday night via UPS. No practice, just threw them in the bag. Nice sticks!
I've had problems with every hybrid I've tried, until I hit the Adams Pro Black 9031s. Now have two in the bag.
Wow... Seriously?
Tried this experiment with a friend, as a result of reading this thread:   Last time we played, I suggested we play for drinks or something. My friend was interested, but cautious (I can give him 5 a side and not bother to bring money). So I told him I'd make it easier for him.   Outside of 150 yds, he could roll it up anywhere within a 3' radius. Inside 150, a 1' radius. On the green, he could mark and then place his ball anywhere within a 3" radius. Lift clean...
I've bought my last three sets off Ebay, but like others have said above, do your research first. My local Golfsmith also sells clubs, but horribly overpriced and often in worse shape than those I've bought on Ebay. FYI.
Of course, nobody over the age of 40 started with blades (heavy sarcasm here). I'm sure Bobby, Arnie, and Jack to name a few, would have been SO much better with some SGIs...  ;-)   To the OP: Get 'em. If you've any decent hand-eye coordination, you'll figure it out. But just in case you're like a good friend of mine, (his hand-eye coordination stinks, but he does love to play), keep the others too.
I have duck feet as well, 13EEEE, and have two pairs of True Linkswear. Will never wear anything else, unless they go out of business of course. Most comfortable shoe I've found for walking the course.
Last official handicap was a one. Yes, we always played the same tees. While I often was hitting two clubs less than them into the par 4s, it didn't seem to matter. Most could throw a lawn dart with a 7 or 6 iron inside my 8 or 9. Brandie, the young college girl, could hit a 5 iron almost as far as I could (~190-200), which was pretty big back then with a balata ball and today's 6 iron loft.
I've actually played with a few LPGA pros, and played regularly with a young college girl who went on the tour shortly thereafter. My one and only coach was friend to quite a few, and when they were in town for the Dina Shore, would show up to visit and get in some practice.   I could occasionally beat my young friend, but never ever beat the touring pros. Even when I shot 68-67. I could out drive them, but it didn't matter. Beth just flat kicked my arse...   You...
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