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 I had a major issue about 2 years ago now with this, and was to the point of considering surgical options.  I found this very stretch/exercise completely at random, and it made an almost immediate improvement. As a side note, I did buy an inversion table, and while I found that in general it made my back feel good, it did not help with the pinched nerve.  I also found that a lot of the stretches I was doing early on to help, were actually making it worse..  DO NOT try to...
My first thought would be to try a shorter swing.  I know for me its a flexibility thing, and if my left arm is breaking down, its because I'm swinging past the point of my flexibility.
You just gave me something new to try on the range.
So it was time to re-grip my clubs, and I wanted to try something a little different.  I read an article some time ago about Bubba Watson and how he likes to have rather built up grips, with less taper.  So I gave it a try.   I regripped several clubs, using a variety of techniques, sizes, and number of tape wraps.  After a very interesting range session, I've decided that this is what I like.  Midsized grip, 4 wraps for my low hand, and 1 wrap top to bottom.  It...
Thanks for all the words of wisdom. I am indeed a newbie, just started a few months ago. I've gone from shooting around 130s to around 100 in that time, but every time I go out, even just to the driving range, I feel like I make some sort of realization that has helped. Thats why i posted about this problem, its the one thing I can't seem to do, is hit consistantly, and I want to fix the problem. Someone mentioned not transferring my weight to my front foot...
Tried all sorts of stance modifications, same results.
Traditional 'setup' tells us over and over again, and the proper ball position is somewhere between right in the middle of your stance for short irons, and more and more forward as the club length goes up. I tend to top the ball pretty regularly, and I've noticed recently, that on all my practice swings, divots, etc, my club is touching down a little after it passes my back foot, and is already on its way back up by the time it gets to about the center of my stance. ...
I just hope my kids don't have as many trips to the ER as I did growing up.
At least your in TX, everything up my way (Mass) is closing up for the year. Can't really blame anyone though. Not a ton of fun playing in 45 degree.s
I noticed for me, my biggest problem, once I became fairly comfortable with where my swing was it, was I had a weak grip. Actively changing it to a strong grip now causes me to hook the ball more often than I slice it.
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