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I have an old Cleveland Raw.  It has no silver plating on it.  I actually wrapped a salty wet rag around it and let it set a couple of days to generate more rust.  I am told the rust will help the wedge get more traction on the ball.
Being almost 70 years old with a swing speed of only the mid 80's, I had a very low ball flight off my driver. I finally got tired of never being able to get over the large pond off the tee and having to hit to the side of it leaving a 180 yd shot to an uphill water bound green. Many of our seniors hit to the side of the water, but I wanted more. I've always been a Taylormade fan and loved my Burner '09 10.5* R-flex, but broke the shaft and never...
On Allison's elimination 6' pitch, it  looked like the chains were not set for 6', but about 4' or 5' when you compare it to the guys holding the chain, unless they were 8' tall.  Maybe it was the angle of the camera, but after looking at it several times it still looked like the chain was not 6' width.  Anyone else notice that?
The Golf Channel had a great show for distance tips last week.  See if you can find "School of Golf; Lesson 3" with Martin Hall.
One other thing I can see is on the back swing: your club head is falling below your hands.  This has caused the club shaft at the top of the swing to be pointed past the target path.   I would hope your golf pro is using a video with line drawing capablilites to show you where your swing is going astray.  It would show your head movements, etc.  If you drew a line from the ball through your right shoulder you would have about a 45* line.  On the backswing, your...
I think a lot depends on how often you play a course too.  My private club has really steep greens and require a lot of break.  I often under read them.   When I go to another course, I over read them.  In fact, most of the time when a straight putt is correct, I try to find a break that is not there.
I did the evaluation and then purchased 10 lessons about 2 years ago.   Pros: Good videos and electronic harness data feedback.  I could see I started slightly over the top on my downswing.  You can review the lesson videos on your home computer.  The data will show the face angle in degrees at impact and degree of shoulder and hip turn.   Cons:  I did not feel there was enough instruction on how to overcome the slight over-the-top-move.  The instruction was only...
I haven't heard of it, but this site has 127 reviews of it.   http://www.golfreview.com/cat/accessories/dalton-mccrary/straight-shootin-golf/prd_76476_2947crx.aspx    
Last year I bought a set of demos  60*. 54* and 50* Cleveland CG14s and love them.  If you want to be safe, go with either Cleveland CG14 or Titleist Vokey and you will not go wrong.  Do heed what ND Fan said about the bounce though.  Soft turf and sand require a higher bounce and hard turf and sand require little or no bounce.  I also have a 60* zero bounce Cleveland raw wedge from when I lived in Tucson.  The sand in some of the courses was like concrete.
I bought the Master Key and thought the video very amatuerish,although I do sometimes use the left arm (for rhg) for better control though.   Search for Paul Wilson Golf on youtube.com.  He has a lot of free very good lessons.   Some of the lessons I do not agree with his technique, but most are solid and easy to understand.   Or go to his website   www.paulwilsongolf.com     
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