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For anyone interested, there is a S&T School held by Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett in Orlando on Friday December 18 and Saturday December 19. Cost is $2,000 and spaces limited to 10 participants. There are only a few spots left. PM me for more details. From a recent school....
Its good. There are others that detail the lateral versus rotary movement.
What I like about the book is that it describes 'golf principles', not a method. It does not say to put the club in this position because that is on plane and not give any definition and reasonfor 'plane'. Golf's new list of fundamentals is changing the way we represent the swing. Low point, centers, axis, ... Of the 20-odd players on tour who have adapted a principle or two, they have different unique motions yet apply the same principles. You can release it...
Where is the 84 degrees found? Is this left wrist angle, or from lead arm to clubshaft?
Would this refer to staying on the tush line, from a DTL view? More side tilt in the downswing can help this. Less turn, more push! as to b)... amen.
Hips can move laterally or rotate and its hard to do both at the same time. if you can start with the hips moving laterally towards the target, then, they can stop - brace - and then they can rotate. If you find that the the shots are going right (for a righty), continue to delay the rotation, keep moving forward, but ensure that your upper body is not moving forward at the same rate. If you are 'stacked' at impact, the angle of the club coming down is steep and...
The swing looks good and Iacas gave you the right 'scrip. I couldn't really tell the tilt to the shoulders on the backswing but when looking at your upper center, it moves back on the backswing showing that you'll need more side tilt to keep the centers stacked. This should help delay the hand action which rolls the clubhead too far inside on the backswing. Left shoulder down, right shoulder up, lean more left. The loss of balance may be a poor use of the ground,...
no such thing as natural. what is natural for one is not for another. any teacher describing something as natural is too self centered.
This is all golfing machine. Mike and Andy know their stuff and are cool guys.
amazing book. plummer bennett are pure genius and dahlquist, sieracki & dave are way ahead of the curve. keep up the good work and showing how oldschool golf is just that - OLD
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