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Village of Pinehurst 2014 US Men's & Women's Open   Only five months away and the course and Village are very busy with preparations. All the major sponsors will be here Jan 21 to pick their tent locations and finalize all the final details.   All the hotel rooms in the area are totally booked, many of the hotels in Raleigh are sold out as well.  Tickets seem to still be available from the USGA for both the Men's and Women's Opens.   The interesting thing to...
I can help you out with Tee times on #2 or #7 or #8. Give me a call next time you are through. You didn't visit the Pinecrest? Tobacco Road is a love it or hate thing. It certainly is different. Any resturant recommendations to share?
The idea of the handwarmer in the pocket with the "extra" ball is very likey a violation of the rules. Every party has a pooper thats wyhy you invited me!!! The lady precepts are very nice balls.
Ben, Congratulations on your results. I reviewed you photos but I did not see a caddy. Missing first place by two shots; a caddy helping you around No.2 would have certainly been worth 2 shots. These guys know their stuff.
I live in Pinehurst yet I consider Kohler my favorite place to play golf. I love the Straits, beautiful and challenging and so very classic. Blackwolf Run is the most dificult course I have ever played. The slope is like 151! Get off on the right tees or you will have an awful day. Only issue with Kohler is that there is nothing to do other than golf. Of course you could visit the plumbing museum. This is a must play!
Most of the courses have overseeded with rye and the grass has come in very nicely. Mid Dec is actually a good time to visit. Yes it can be a bit chilly and you might have a frost delay or two, but temps in the 50's and 60's are not all that bad. Legacy is a very nice course, Southern Pines is very good. Please let us know how it goes. I think you will find Beacon Ridge is your weakest choice, but you got a great price. You should check out the Restaurant at the...
I bet they are just low compression balls. I use and resommend lower compression balls during winter play. Also it doesn't hurt to keep them warm prior to your game. Bob
New Posts  All Forums: