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And compared to PGA tour pros we do not spend anytime practicing.
I voted Yes.  The coaching this year was so bad it deserved some spotlight.  From my chair I saw Watson phone it in all the way.  Sure you can say the players needed to play better but look at Patrick Reed.  He stayed fired up the whole way despite discouraging moments and ground out a victory.  If the US could have rallied under some decent leadership the others could have done the same.
I am going to say practice hitting balls with the feet together drill.  Maintaining balance and proper transfer of weight can be introduced with this drill and get you started.  Lot's of online videos showing how to do it. 
Hi Zen.  I am not an instructor so I will leave the instruction to the professionals around here but that hip movement in the back swing is nasty.  It doesn't put you a good position at the top of the swing at all.  If you look at the hip movement of tour players you don't see too many of them sliding the hips to the right in the backswing (for righties).  Most keep their pelvis centered and rotate only.  The ones who do slide their hips to the right a little, do not let...
 Ok, thanks.  So the definition we are working with is basically the traditional stroke is any stroke which is not anchored to any part of the body and where the club can swing freely.  I disagree with this.  To me the traditional stroke should be defined as the most optimum way to strike a conforming golf ball with a conforming club.  It just so happens that this is a free swinging club with no anchor point for all clubs except the putter where some players may find it...
 No, what defines a "traditional" golf stroke, not just a golf stroke.  The argument here has nothing to do with the definition of the golf stroke but everything to do with what defines a "traditional golf stroke."  For example, is a cross handed golf stroke considered traditional?  PGA player Josh Broadaway swings the golf club cross handed, this in my opinion is not a traditional golf swing but it is not banned.  In order to figure out whether it should be banned, we...
 Ok, so what is your definition of traditional golf stroke?  I am interested to hear it.
 We have to look back and ask how the golf swing came about.  We don't scoop, use the handle (billiards style) or push the ball with the club head because each of these methods are not optimum.  The best way to swing an iron or wood is the way it is being swung today by the tour players.  There is no better way.  If you told a tour player to swing the club the most efficient way possible they wouldn't change a thing about what they are doing now.  And back in the day...
I haven't been able to get out much this summer and so my game is a little rusty.  I suspect my clubhead speed is down about 20mph from where it should be which puts it at somewhere around...say...145mph?   How far should I be able to hit with this clubhead speed?  I may have to go with a higher lofted club to compensate.  Is there such thing as a 66 deg wedge?
If someone expressed interest in my golf gear and wanted to try any of it out, I would be more than happy to let them.  It's an awesome game, I am grateful to be able to play, I like to share.
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