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I tend to speed up when I feel I am rushed for time.  I constantly fight that.
Curly Howard wears three.  That is how he tells the time.  You see the first watch is ten minutes slow every two hours and the second watch is 20 minutes fast every four hours.  The one in the middle is broken and stopped at 2 o'clock. Back OT.  I think the data is BS.
Have fun.  Take pictures.We are expecting a picture of you on the 18th tee to be posted in this thread @Philly+15!
I've got the learn to not be drinking coffee when I read your posts! 
Nice idea for a thread @BuckeyeNut .   ...if having the newest equipment is more important than being able to actually use it.
It would have been better if he said it to the team first.  
Here the link to their site.   http://www.back9network.com/   It is not available in my area (Comcast Boston area).
That won't do it.  Start a political thread and then call people names and lose your cool.  That is a better bet.
From the First Tee Open!  He will brag about this forever!  From PGA.com.    
http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2014/09/back9network-launches-today-is.html A new golf network coming to a cable network near you.  From Golf Digest. 
New Posts  All Forums: