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Welcome to the forum @hockeyrob. Your instructor had you going in the right direction. I noticed that you shift your weight back a lot in the backswing. This causes you to have to shift a lot forward on the downswing and may lead to fat shots. I would check out this thread. ​ You have a lot of power and don't need to shift back to keep that power. A centered hip turn will make it easier to move the low spot of your swing forward. Keep us posted.
I'm glad to see that Hank has read Lowest Score Wins. It should help his game.
I think Bubba made a mistake. He should paint the green Masters Flag on the car in honor of his two wins!
I have not played any of them unfortunately. No golf yesterday. But a great time sitting around a fire. I played guitar and sang for friends while fireworks were going off in all directions. It was really cool.
@@Gaz Golf Welcome to the forum. Many of us have gone through the same problem. First, I would ask if your instructor is fliming your swing to show you visually what he wants you to do. If not, I would recommend you film your swing and post in the Member Swings section of this forum. Folks here, including two excellent instructors, will help get you on the right path. Second, is the instructor explaining why they want you to do these things? If not, ask. If they can't...
Folks, the thread is about a car from a TV show that Bubba bought. If you want to talk about R.E. Lee's battle flag or Nazis, please start a thread in the Grill Room. Thanks
Five minutes mapping my swing while grilling hot dogs!
5 minutes mirror work.  Back swing to A4 and then to A6. All slow.   @Tommyt99   This thread is just for posting your practice.  Please start another thread if you want to discuss flat left wrist at impact. 
She's lucky she's not Columbian! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andr%C3%A9s_Escobar
From golf.com http://www.golf.com/ap-news/golf-organizations-distance-themselves-trump Trump is being really dumb from a business standpoint too.  Why alienate any potential customers? 
New Posts  All Forums: