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I did 15 minutes of pitching work followed by 10 minutes of my drill with the driver. I did not hit balls with the driver but focused on my positions, especially A5, 6 and 8.   The pitching work had 5 minutes just on technique followed by 10 of random target.  The grass in my yard had some thick spots, which was great to work with.  I tried both with and against grain to see what would happen.  I only used my gap wedge in this session.
I think the Member of the Month Badge should be changed to purple in color. 'cuz well you know.  Congrats to the winners!
Looks better, but you still drift a bit back.  Keep practicing the centered turn drills from that thread.  One feel I used was to feel my right side stretching up as I get near the top.  My head was dipping.  That really helped me.
I think @EverythingGolf is saying the opposite.  Going from A1 to A3, you are cocking your wrists too early and then the shaft is under plane. In the picture on the right, Luke's A2 is on plane.  He has barely cocked his wrists at this point. Doing it this way or even more delayed like Ricky Fowler can get you to the proper A4 position, which in turn helps you start the downswing in a better position. One more add: in your first practice video, slow down the rehearsal even...
I would defer to @mvmac or another instructor. Your shaft is already pretty flat at A5. If you draw a line down the shaft you will see it is pointing past the ball.
Good point. I like and respect both players. I'm certain is was a misunderstanding and got heated because of the situation.  They will put it behind them and so should we.
Did my drill outside and added hitting into a net.  I filmed it too and will add to my My Swing thread.
 I've listened to it 10 times. I don't hear a mocking accent.  We need to hear the whole exchange before passing judgement. Keegan should not have lost his cool or got into MAJ's face.  MAJ should not have told the caddie to shut up. I do see MAJ belaboring the point a bit too long considering a rules official was there. Very mature of you.
Bradley regretted it and stated so.  But MAJ instigated it and I thought handled it poorly to start. He came off as arrogant.  I saw it live.  I think he was doing a bit of gamesmanship and it got out of hand.
I wish he looked more like this Bernie.  We could have some fun with that! 
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