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Cool.  Thanks Mike!
I was joking of course.
Lucy - Started off as a birdie putt heading right for the cup.  Looked like it would certainly go in.  Then at the last second, it veered left and lipped out.  Scarlett and Morgan were great, but the ending was weird.
That is so COOL!
@flyfish13    I did notice something that was similar to an issue I had.  The screen shot below shows you are moving your head forward and your hips back during the backswing.  This causes you to have to compensate on the downswing to get back to a good impact position.  When I did this, I would get pushes and fat shots.  Check out the thread below for keeping your turn centered.    ​   
I love the slow motion sound effect!! For AoA, do you set up the driver stance the same as irons?  For me, I set up with my hips slightly pressed forward.  This changes my body angle and shaft AoA at impact.  Also, for me, working on getting the shaft to be less steep at A5 helps.  That is my priority piece.
I second Dennis.  He taught me AimPoint.  But I also second online lessons with Evolvr.
Like a lot of sports or activities, golf can be expensive.  But you can find ways to reduce costs as many above have noted.
Sure there is.  One that is in the hands of Bubba Watson or Nicolas Colsaerts!  
Nice!  Thanks for posting it.  Glad to hear the Ping engineers read the book!  How was the forum overall?
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