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My favorite post round celebration.  
Thanks.  I will try that.
@iacas and @mvmac ,   Could you post a video at some point on how to handle these shots?  I still struggle with them.  I set up where I align my body to the slope, but I seem to lose the shots to the right a lot even though my normal shot shape is a draw.   They are tough to practice too because the ranges I go to don't have any area with this lie.
I had a 30 footer yesterday from wet sand that I hit to a couple inches for a nice up and down!  Of course earlier I had a bad one, but that one was well above my feet.  Still, the technique works well.  Thanks @mvmac !
@heshy    Check out this post.  It is important not to over do them at first, but do them everyday, even multiple times a day.  The door stretch you can do almost every time you walk through a door.  Expect it to take 6 months to gain the flexibility back.  I still do them everyday.   Also, check out this book too.    ​ 
@evansscholarmn ,   Have you tried contacting STX directly?  There is a contact link at the bottom of the page.   http://www.stxgolf.com
Very cool @kkozyk88 .  I don't have any info to help you.  I would suggest trying to track down the maker.
@heshy,   There are some easy exercises that you can do to improve external rotation.  I have been doing them for a few years after I had shoulder surgery.  This helps with the elbow position.
I routinely play used balls (ProV1 or V1X) and they can be very good as compared to new.  I recently played refinished ProV1 and V1X on a trip to Florida that I got at a golf course.  I don't recall anything bad or unusual about the flight or stopping  power of the ball.  They checked up they same on chips as a new ProV1.  There may have been a bit of distance loss, as I was clubbing up one most of the week.  But this also may have been because I hadn't played since...
What did Jack's look like at A5 and A6 though?  Furyk does this too, but his right elbow comes in hard from A4 to A6.
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