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Just in case you get one!   http://www.neatorama.com/2014/07/26/Golfers-Buy-Insurance-Against-Sinking-a-Hole-in-One/#!bnUBDw   It's not easy to hit a golf ball several hundred yards and have it land neatly in a cup 4.25 inches in diameter. But, sadly, some golfers do experience this problem. Yes, that's right: hitting a hole-in-one can be a bad thing. That's because in some golfing cultures, particularly Japan the the UK, golfers who sink a ball in...
Welcome to the forum!  Thanks for posting.
@Slowcelica ,   You can imbed the videos.  Just click the button in the toolbar that looks like film, fifth from right on top.  Then copy the youtube address into the box.  I did the first two below.    
I hear you!  I have got 4 acoustic, two electric guitars, one lap steel, one acoustic steel guitar and a ukulele.  The acoustic steel is actually my very first guitar that was unplayable, so I converted it to a steel.
You're "wicked smart", as we say in Boston, when it comes to golf stuff 
Thanks.  I use this thought sometimes.  
  If you do a pitch shot as in the video below, you should not have issues with skull shots.  Bounce is your friend, even off hard pan.  I am very comfortable with this technique and recommend it.  Putting would still be a great option though without a lip.  ​ 
Cool!  Congratulations.
I hope you have a speedy recovery.  Best of luck.
@iacas may answer, but I would say start with the driver fitting.  Driver distance has large separation value. If you could be 30 yards further down the fairway on 12 of 18 holes, would you score better?  Of course you would. The putter will help, but it has lower separation value.   I have been fitted for my driver, but I was not playing the ball forward in my stance.  Hence my lower ball flight and loss of distance.  This year I am playing the ball off my front toe...
New Posts  All Forums: