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Same for me.  If a player hit all the greens in regulation and had 36 putts, he would make par for the round.  But if the same player hit half the GIR and had 30 putts, his score would be higher.
Stand by it all you want.  You are incorrect.  I've averaged between 31 and 32 putts per round since taking Aimpoint a couple of years ago.  I get 4 to 5 one putts a round due to my pitching and chipping.  I rarely three putt.  It adds up pretty easily to 31-32 per round.  But because I miss fairways and greens, those one putts are for par or bogey, even double.  I have a good short game. I need to have a better long game to get to single digits, which is my goal. Rory...
I've been as low as a 10.2 last year.  Thanks for the insult.  What raised my HC was my ball striking being off this past year and a half due to an injury.  I can't imagine having 40 putts per round.  Putting is the easiest part of golf.
Shorty means GIR. 
You need to read this this thread  ​  And read this book. http://lowestscorewins.com/ I average 31 putts per round.  My scores are lowest when I hit the most GIR.
I think it is a badge of honor to be called out in this thread!  I am here a few times myself!
I would just aim for the tree.  I can't hit anything I aim for with the driver!
Welcome to the site @luchnia .     There are quite a few members on the forum in your age bracket.  I am only 5 years behind you.  A lot of us started later in life too.   If you have any questions about using the site, check out our "Using the Site" section, and Little Things New Users can learn.   Here are some great threads to get started and familiar with The Sand Trap   "What do you Do for a Living?" thread. "What'd You Shoot Today?" Reviews  "New Posts"...
Most people use a longer iron like a six iron for swing videos to analyze iron shots.  It is a good middle length club.  
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