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Let's not forget Steve Stricker last year in the final round! 
Yes.  The act of balancing uses micro movements of the muscles in the leg, ankle and feet that help strengthen weakened ligaments by adding strength to the support muscles.
My brother used to smash things of his own, like model ships, when he was mad at someone else.  So there is no logic to this guys destruction.  Maybe a little jail time, I hope.
Agree.  Need to work both.
Get one of those inflatable balance disks and use it daily.  Also, when standing around, just balance on the ankle.  This will strengthen the ankle without having to go to therapy.  I have a bad left ankle and this really helps. 
What is your ball flight?  I am working on pretty much the same thing.  For irons and fairways I get a slight push draw to draw.  For Driver, push fade.  Your swing looks very nice to me.  That cannot be your actual HC (20?).
California is called "The Golden State" after all.  And it is not because of the gold strike in 1849.  Desalinization is the way to go.  
Depends on which US College.  He may have more trouble in the deep south.  Not on campus, but off campus where the locals may have trouble with his accent.  I may be more the speed that he talks v. the accent too.  The speaking speed is slower in some areas of the US, especially away from bigger cities.  Good luck to him.   OT: I had a Scottish friend (past on sadly) whose accent was so thick, it took a year for me to understand a word he was saying.  Great guy and missed....
I have almost the same numbers from just north of Boston except ping = 31.
Good point, but the trade (retailers) usually dictates when products should launch.  In retail personal care (my industry), the trade wants release at certain time of year to maximize launch volumes.  For golf, they may have a similar strategy with most releases being in the fall.
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