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Happy Birthday a day early for some reason!!!!
That should have been on Antiques Road Show.  Cool find.
You also have to take into consideration launch angle.  Even though your Titleist set had a higher loft, the club head itself may have been lower launching.  The TM set could launch very high, so the lower loft would bring that down a bit.  
  His defenses didn't throw pick sixes in the SB!!!!!!    I just marvel at the excuses for Peyton not winning more in the playoffs.  I think he is a great QB, but he has to bear a good deal of the responsibility for his performance in the post season because he touches the ball the most.  BTW, the Patriots went from 16-0 to 11-5 (four more losses) without Brady.  That is a big drop.  Excellent point.  BTW, Brady has said Montana is the best of all time bar none.
Not in Super Bowls!   Just saying!  I love how when Peyton wins, it is because of Peyton.  But when his teams lose, it is because of the rest of the team.  
Stats are for losers!!   Put it this way, if the Super Bowl was on the line, you had 1:49 seconds and no time outs, who would you want at QB?  That is easy for me, Joe Montana.  If I wanted to put money on winning a playoff game and had to pick one QB, Bart Starr.  If it had to be an active QB, Brady.  If I wanted to put money on a regular season game and extra money on the stats like passing TDs, yards and completion %, Peyton Manning. Again, I am being half serious here....
Guess you missed the "tough in cheek" line.   (Dang, I said "and", bad grammar!)  However, your comments could be considered irrelevant from a different point of view. The regular season is only important when it comes to making the playoffs.  The playoffs are far more important because it is against tougher competition.  Regular season stats are skewed because of the weaker competition.  Only winning counts and winning is most important in the playoffs.   It would be like...
I love how you discount stats that don't fit your argument.  The other 10 players on offense have something to do with Peyton's stats, don't they?  He didn't catch the ball too, did he?  Besides, Bart Starr is the best of all time.  The regular season means nothing.  Peyton doesn't even make the list http://bleacherreport.com/articles/166734-the-10-greatest-postseason-quarterbacks-in-nfl-history 2) Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers.  Career postseason record: 8-1Career...
5+ wins a a couple of majors because let's face it, it is a guess!  
I beat you on Space Jam @JetFan1983 !
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