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@Ernest Jones    I can't tell from the DTL view, but how is your Key 2 doing?  Erik pointed out to me that Key 2 will help Key 3.  Try the swing with a Key 2 thought and see if it helps the A6 position.  Here are you and I at A5.  Notice both out hips are still closed.  Your right foot is still planted, which may indicate your weight is still centered and hips are centered when they should be more forward.  My transfer has started, but it is not enough (got that from my...
@mvmac ,   Have all the weight workouts you've been doing improved your swing and power?  
Thanks for posting @nowayjoze .  If you have a chance, a face on view will also help.  I know this is difficult in the winter time.  
I would add that flaring reduces stress on the left knee. I have osteoarthritis in my left knee.  Flaring allows the joint to move forward with the weight transfer instead of laterally.  I has helped me immensely.
Got too much to do tomorrow 😡
I've never got to see him by himself.  I saw him first in 1983 in Cincinnati.  That was the show where Timothy B Schmidt coined the phrase, "Parrotheads". He's had the core of the band, Mac McAnnally, the Mayer Brothers (guitar and bass) and Robert Greenwich for a long time (20+ years).  Nadirah Shakoor and Tina Gullickson have been there a long time too.  I agree in the beginning he had a lot of turnover.  I miss Fingers Taylor. Last summer Peter Mayer had his son on. 
Love BBVD!
So are we talking Victoria Secret ads then Bill?
From clickhole.com, sister site to The Onion. http://www.clickhole.com/theysaidwhat/find-out-what-don-cheadle-rory-mcilroy-and-kevin-k-1633 I know @jamo  and I find this site funny. 
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