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Mirror work for 5 minutes at lunch.
Welcome to the forum @Bigred7289   A face on view will help.    A pull hook can be caused by an over-the-top swing path. To reduce that, getting your weight moving forward in the downswing and at impact will help move your path to go more in-to-out.   Check out this thread and specifically the weight forward drills. A face on video will show if your weight transfer is going forward. It's hard to tell from the video you posted, but it looks like you are not moving...
This is funny coming from arguably the doucheyiest magazine.
Welcome to the forum @Hellstorm   Thanks for joining. This is a great place to learn and become a better golfer.  I would recommend the Swing Thoughts and Member Swings sections for learning.     If you have any questions about using the site, check out our "Using the Site" section, and Little Things New Users can learn.   Here are some great threads to get started and familiar with The Sand Trap   "What do you Do for a Living?" thread. "What'd You Shoot...
Many members change their avatars frequently. Others, like me, put one up and never changed.  Keep in mind that your avatar helps members recognize your posts quickly. So I would recommend picking something that you personally like.
Just finished the short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.  We all know the story. What I found also is he was an excellent writer. It was fun to read. Some older classics can be difficult to read do to lack of editing, punctuation and verbiage that doesn't translate well into modern English. This one had a few terms that I had to look up to make sure I knew what he was saying. But otherwise, is was great.   Rip Van Winkle is next.
This happened 5 miles from me. The officer was suspended pending investigation.
The article was a joke.
Civil just means discuss the topic and don't get into the name calling, left/right, bring politics into to it direction. I was attempting to head it off at the pass. No one crossed the line, but I sent out a gentle reminder. Some posts were heading in that direction.
But he has the vote of men with ridiculous toupees, so that must count for something, no?
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