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Agree.  Drafting a QB has got to give GMs more ulcers than any other position.  There is a lot of luck to it.  I also agree that the O and D lines are very important and vastly underrated for that importance, especially by the media.
This time of year is like a weird game of Monopoly for the NFL.  Everyone is buying and selling little properties and hoping to land on Boardwalk and Park Place with enough money to buy.
Obviously it was "Be a Pirate Day" at the course. 
I hope they both warm up and play better!
Back on topic folks.  This is a thread about a humorous commercial.
Is he playing with Aquaman Poulter!  
Thanks for the information Michael.  I was thinking more like the heat source IR photos I've seen.
I was hoping someone would catch that!
Welcome to the forum.  You responded to a post from 2007.  The post date is in the upper left hand corner.  Many of us did this when we first joined, so no worries.
It doesn't look infared to me.  There is no variation for the heat his body would be putting out.
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