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Zero.  But #1 is on my bucket list.
It's a fake!  Just like those Bigfoot videos.  @Ernest Jones went to George Lucas and had their special effects wizards doctor this up.
I will partially recline on occasion if it is a long flight.  I do not fully recline unless I am in business class.  I don't find it rude at all if the person in front of me reclines.  I fly business class often when I fly international.
Maybe trash talk can work to inspire as well MJ.  From Geoffshackelford.com     MJ (Unsuccessfully) Heckled Ian Poulter At Medinah I'm not sure this will bode well for Michael Jordan getting an inside-the-ropes badge at future Cups after fessing up to heckling Ian Poulter down the stretch in the 2012 Ryder Cup.   In the first of three "Road To The Ryder Cup" shows airing on NBC Sunday at 2:30 PM ET and Golf Channel Wednestday at 6:30 ET, Mark Rolfing sheds light...
Listening the Chambless speak for me sounds like this:  
It happens to all of us.  You need to forget the bad shots that already happened.  You cannot change the past.  For the next shot, you need to clear your mind, relax and take extra care at set up.  You know you can do this next shot.
It is looking a bit better.  But your hips still move back an inch or two during the back swing.  Try this: Repeat your swing from A1 setup to A5 (left arm parallel to the ground on the downswing) in a slow motion in front of a mirror.  By slow I mean literally 10-20% speed.  Focus on the Centered Pivot.  It should almost feel like your left hip, spine, etc is moving forward at the top.  But feel isn't real.  It will really just be centered.  Then finish the swing from A5...
Cool.  Thanks for posting.
Ya know pumpkin doesn't deserve the bad wrap you are giving it!  Pumpkin never cheated and you are dragging it down into the ditch with all the other gutter snipes.  I think you owe pumpkin an apology.
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