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I hope you have a speedy recovery.  Best of luck.
@iacas may answer, but I would say start with the driver fitting.  Driver distance has large separation value. If you could be 30 yards further down the fairway on 12 of 18 holes, would you score better?  Of course you would. The putter will help, but it has lower separation value.   I have been fitted for my driver, but I was not playing the ball forward in my stance.  Hence my lower ball flight and loss of distance.  This year I am playing the ball off my front toe...
  Or every early John Cusack movie!
And that Jimmy Fallon, the lead in the movie, is actually a Yankee fan!   Fenway was never just a baseball stadium. The Patriots played there for a few years and many other football teams as well. 
For me, the math is simple if you take all the names away.  If you have 100 players and only 5 of them are really good, those 5 will win most of the tournaments and majors.  If you have 100 players, and 50 of them are really good, those 50 will win most of the tournaments and majors.  But, each of those 50 will win less individually than the 5 would.  They are equal in ability to the 5 really good players, but had stiffer competition.  That is the math of the article.  The...
Fair point @FarawayFairways.   I do miss the Olympics being all amateur.  I am lukewarm at best about golf in the Olympics as well.  I would ad that there are many sports that don't have professional version that do not belong in the Olympics either.  Rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, curling (forgive me @Ernest Jones ).  I don't see these falling into the Olympic ideal of greatest athlete either.  There are many more, including shooting sports, that don't...
Rory won the Open Championship because of how far he can hit the ball.  It gave him a tremendous advantage on some holes.  I am singularly impressed at this ability coming from a 5' 9" player.
Looking forward to it.
The HC index in the US is calculated from the average of your best rounds (x .96), so it is more your potential than your average.
Sweet kit @CarlSpackler .
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