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I don't subscribe, but view them all only line each day.  I would say the Golf Digest is better with regards to new equipment announcements and it also has the Loop, which can have some fun news.  Golf seems a bit more corporate.
And really sharp talons!  So pick up the pace!
Never trust polls.  They are influenced heavily by misinformation. I don't disagree on this approach.  It really should be the approach of the affected countries to begin with as you stated.  People should not be getting on planes in the first place if they are symptomatic.  But I doubt that these countries have the resources at their airports to do this.
  I agree with @smellysell .  A better used club will be a better investment.  Ping G10 is an excellent beginner club. I just bought some for my godson.  Go to the used club section of your local store, like Golfsmith, and try some out.  Also, hit the new clubs like Ping G25 or G30 and you will get the idea on how they feel.
I play Vokey wedges.  I used to play 50, 54, 58, all with the max bounce.  Now I just play a SM4 52.12 (F grind) and SM5 58.11 (K grind).  The K grind IMO would be fine for a sweeper.  It is cambered significantly, so even though it has a lot of bounce, the bounce is relieved.  I find that it slides through the rough and sand better than the M grind I had in my 58.12 SM4.   I would not use a 60, but recommend a 58.  I can do anything with a 58 from full shots (85 yards) to...
It will for a few weeks before it feels 'normal'.
I would definitely want to buy this man a beer!  
Did the eagle yell, "While we're young!"?  Could be a pace of play issue.
With the velocity vector expanded as , we may write the vector equation explicitly, This explains it all @Gilberg 
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