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+1 on Joey D.     ​ 
I voted yes, but I guess I misinterpreted your question.  I practice pitches off different lies and will use the fringe of the practice green as one of the lies. It is not to practice that situation, but just using the lie.
So Bushwood is unique then!    
We can't get teenagers to wear a seatbelt.  There are many who never get around to learning the simple process of CPR.  Not sure 'scoff' is the right word, but certainly they don't care.The NRA as an org hasn't done this, but I do recall some towns (one in NH) that over-reacted to anti-gun legislation to try and require residents to own a firearm.  That is the problem with polarizing subjects.  The hardliners on both sides escalate their rhetoric, cloud the data and make...
It is interesting to get people's perspective who have actually been under fire.   I have another Vietnam vet friend who worked for me for a number of years.  He received two purple hearts, the second of which was from a grenade that exploded on his back pack.  The last gun he touched was when he left the service back in the early 70s. He doesn't want anything to do with them.  He still has a bit of PTSD and needs meds to sleep but is perfectly comfortable without weapons....
5 minutes mirror works focusing on A6 - 9.  My last videos show that my left shoulder has been stopping short of the finish and collapsing my follow though.  So my thought for this session was to continue rotating my shoulders and hips in sync with my arms from A6 to 9.
Let's avoid this if we can.  Plus it would mess up her swing.
Agree, but the target in these events is not armed and potentially firing back.  The added pressure is immense. A late friend of mine was a two tour Vietnam vet.  I asked him about the movie Platoon. He thought is was OK, but inaccurate.  He stated that when new soldiers came under fire for the first time, they were never accurate and shot at almost anything.  The movie showed them to be far too composed and accurate.
This has been a pretty interesting and well behaved thread so far for the most part.  One question I have for folks that voted 'yes' is, do you assume that any person with a CCW license is actually proficient with the weapon?   @David in FL makes the argument that the vast majority of CCW holders are responsible.  Given that, are they also proficient with the weapon at a target range?  In a real life situation?  I think the two are quite different.  If we use golf as an...
New Posts  All Forums: