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Do you really?  It seems you misread a lot. Stevie Ray Vaughn was an incredible guitar player. Phenomenal actually.  He could not read music.  No clue.  Could he teach you how to be a great musician?  Possibly, but he would have to leave out all of the music theory part.  He could say, "Just do it like this!"  But the student would eventually get frustrated because he could not keep up with the instructor.  Could Tiger Woods teach me how to hit certain shots?  Sure.  Could...
Excellent @nevets88 !
Not sure it would help.  I agree with @Ernest Jones for the NHL level.  It may help for lower levels to train youth players on being aware of the boards location.
What were your numbers?  Shoulder turn should be in degrees and could be anywhere from 45 to 110.  It defines how much shoulder rotation you have from set up to the top of the backswing.
1.  My total score - 78   2.  # of birdies (or better) - 1   3.  # bogies - 5   4.  # doubles (or worse) - 1   5.  Final match play results (win/lose and score) against my sandbagging 4 hcp buddy (I get 2 strokes)  2&1 you lose.
For your viewing pleasure.   http://www.golfchannel.com/media/amanda-dufner-photo-gallery/
http://www.golfchannel.com/news/grill-room/grill-room-favorite-hilarious-signs-golf-courses     Those are some nasty squirrels.
As would the Coriolis Effect that caused her to rotate around the marker when she replaced the ball.
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