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Agree. I do Joey D along with PX90 type exercises. The Joey D part is only 20 minutes.
Medium buckets around here are more like 40 to 50 balls. I will only do a large if I am working on a couple of things like pitch shot and a long game drill.
Let's all dial it back a bit please!
How about a right red sock?
Knock it off. Bill is a moderator and was redirecting your comment. Stay on topic please.
No, but I have gone to work a few times this year with mismatched sox. And I do the laundry!
I don't think his swing would look hideous up close. I think it would look amazing as would Spieth's. I would play with either. I would be more nervous around Woods though.
Six. I liked that event!
@saevel25   I combined the threads.
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