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We'd be talking BMs of biblical proportions then!
Well played @CarlSpackler !
I'm sure their idea of an easy course would still be a challenge for me!
+1 on Montgomery Inn! I would not want to go into any of the bathrooms or port-o-potties if they are serving Skyline!
I personally think that faster greens, 9-11 are easier to putt on.  When they are really slow <8, there are a lot of irregularities and you have to make longer strokes, which is slightly less accurate.  I have only played on 12 twice.  After a few holes it became easier to putt, but you had to really watch your speed on downhill putts.   Most courses I play are 8 to 9 though.
Most courses I play have a Senior tee as well, four sets in total.  Unless you consistently hit 250+ drives, you are really hurting yourself playing the tips IMO.
This is what I have done this year.  My PW is 47 and I used to use a 50, 54 58 combo.  I replaced the 50 54 with a 52 and have room to do 3W and 5W now.  I am going to play around with both combos.  Sometimes I miss the 50 for full shots.
Yes, from concentrate.  It was a gift from my neighbors for my birthday.
One consideration is the AP2 will have the shaft that the rest of the irons have.  The Vokey will have the wedge shaft.  The carry distance may be affected by this.  So the equal loft Vokey may be a bit shorter than the AP2 PW depending on your iron shaft.
Avoid the Hemingway House if you are allergic to cats!  That is why I did not go in.
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