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[QUOTE=Corgidog;165168] One of the selling points of the GL is waterproofing so while it was under warranty he wanted to determine whether GL's claims were true. He actually was more concerned about using the device in the rain and clearly it passed the test.
+1 I was playing the B330-S. The Gamer is no where near as nice feeling and "spiny" but for $20, I think I found my new ball. I tried the Hx Hot Bite and really didn't like it much and could not stop the ball but for some reason the Gamer is really working for me.
I use it on a Palm Treo and really like it. However they upgrade it each year or two with limited increased functionality.
The answer depends on which Circa 62 model you have. I have the Charcoal Mist version and it requires little more than a wipe down with a dry towel after the round. If you have the gun metal blue version, I think it requires the oil rag after each round. With all the SC putters, and probably any putter, you do not want to leave it in a wet headcover or leave it wet at all.
When you say the yardages on the signs were off, what do you mean? Off compared to what? What did you use as a benchmark for the yardages?
My firend submerged his GL for 15 minutes with no ill effects. I did not email him back to find out why he would need this feature but ok. I guess I can envision a situation where it falls in the water near a drop but it seems like being waterproof is overkill. BTW, GL does allow you to measure shot distance. From what I can tell, this is where you will need to hit a button/change screens. The bottom line on GL is I am also sold on this device. It is uglier (and...
I do not want to get into a debate over this since I do not own either device, I was posting a friend's response to an email I sent to him. Take it FWIW including the possibility that I am biased in some way. With that said, I will respond to a few things from your note since I asked similar follow-up questions and a few of your questions have more obvious answers... 1) Your SG is water resistant and the GL is waterproof. There is a difference there but clearly one...
I posted this on another golf site but thought I would post it here as well..... I love gadgets but I can be cheap and avoided GPS due to the subscription model employed by SkyCaddie. I suck at golf and do not play very many rounds and certainly do not play at many different courses so I was holding off on buying a GPS. Anyway...I have a buddy who has an older Skycaddie and recently purchased a GolfLogix. Since I am considering buying a device because of the coolness...
Where are you in NJ? I suggest you either demo the clubs and/or get on a launch monitor. My swing is pretty inconsistent so a launch monitor doesn't help me much since I can't see the ball flight and make adjustments. I found a place that allows me to demo clubs (essentially borrow them for a day or two) and over the last year I demoed 5 drivers or so and found one that I liked best and rewarded them with a purchase.
My swing is generally awful but I too love my Burner. In fact, I hit more fairways in my last round with it than I ever have. Pretty amazing actually. I'm trying to figure out if I was having a good day, for me, or was it the club. On some holes I was further down the fairway than I've ever been. For full disclosure, it is my first 460cc head and my previous driver was a TM R540. I can't wait to see how this thing perfoms after my lessons and hopefully...
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