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Nakashima, the company owner's last name
Used to like Titleist NXT tour, but ended up with Bridgestone e6 (tour yellow).
I'm in the same boat with my driver. I took it to Golfgalaxy and they used some kind of metal block (ferrule hammer?) to push it down. It stayed there for a while, but it's loose again. I'm thinking about pulling the shaft out and replace the ferrule this time. Does anybody know what Golfgalaxy charge for this service? It seems like the ferrule alone cost ~$10.  
I have 10.5° with Aldila NVS 65 stiff shaft. Loving the sound and feel!    
Are these fixed or interchangeable? Some people in our league flight believe that white stakes are not always OB, it can be lateral hazard depends on course.        
Need some clarifications for white and red stakes. As far as I know, white and red stakes indicate out of bound and later hazard, respectively. Is there any exception to these?   Some guys in our league flight interpret white: lateral hazard and red: OB depends on the course.    
Custom made Chinese Scotty putters cost around $70.
Well, I was not aware of that Ping clubs are made in China. No wonder why so many counterfeit clubs come from China! Perhaps, some could be legit genuine clubs through illegal route, not knowing how manufacturers control their inventories oversea.
Just received ping G15 3 wood from TGW.com and the label says head/shaft are made in china. I doubt that they would sell a counterfeit, but just curious.
FYI, Ping G15 is on sale
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