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I am open to trades but unfortunately I am looking for a driver / driver + cash.
Pictures added, sorry for the technology problems haha.
Titleist 975D 9.5* loft ProForce Gold 65 Shaft Grip is in good condition, standard size. Paint is bad on head, I was considering re-painting and would be willing to do so for the buyer in the color of their choice for an extra $5-10 depending on price of paint.  There are no dents or dings though and the club works just as it should. Reason for selling:  I would like to get something slightly more forgiving. $45 shipped - Offers and trades...
I have a nice R11 T3 wood for sale.  I am selling to make room in my bag for a driver (need to learn how to hit one sooner or later)   Blur 70g Stiff Flex Shaft Everything Stock and Standard Small paint chip near hosel and a couple scratches at the top of face. Overall it is in great shape from grip to head. Comes with headcover and tool.   $175.00 + actual shipping cost I accept paypal only.   Message me with any questions, thanks!  
I think Tiger will play okay.  It is a good field, so I doubt he will contend but will have a decent showing.  Some good, some bad, ultimately I believe he will be around 15th.  I like Jason Day to win, he has been in contention enough that some of the nerves should be gone or at least fading.
So I broke down and got an R11 T3 wood '14*' which arrived today (stock blur 70 stiff).  I played 18 after work with it today and it was impressive.  It went roughly 10-15 yards farther than my 15* superfast 3 wood, but man is it accurate.  The feel is more sturdy and has a nice sound off the face.  Being able to hit a slight fade in addition to a draw is a huge plus.  I attacked narrow par 4s with no problems which was awesome. I hit more fairways in todays round than...
  Couldn't agree with you more.  When I stopped doing that I put the ball closer to the pin and eliminated the risk.   Of late I have been taking a lot of risks trying to find what holes are okay to be aggressive with and which must be played in a "boring" fashion.  This has me playing from many more bunkers and attempting shots I wouldnt normally have to take.  It can be frustrating because I am scoring anywhere from 5-8 strokes (penalties and punch outs add up quickly...
Thanks again guys, I will see about pics after I play this afternoon (they are quite dirty right now).
i removed the old paint with acetone and my pocket knife, it removes easy with something pointed. I did a set of the old vrs as well and they came out even better. The blades are easiest. Good luck.
Anyone play a 3+ wood? I am leaning toward a superfast 2.0, Nike vr or new vr pro. Anything else tht should stand out? Thanks!
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