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Clinton was pretty active too, oh wait, that was still behind his desk
I have bought over ten drivers in the past two years. I've experienced two breakages.  One from my 15 yr old Grandson mishandling the driver and subsequently snapping the shaft at the hosel. The second was also snapped at the hosel by my Son-in-law. I think he just hits too hard because he also busted the face of a different driver.  Anyway during the period of the failures both had trouble with their swing and had hit the ground behind the ball on occasion.   My...
Not sure if it's cold enough in Chicago yet for balls sitting outside to gain that much density, and would suspect the driver face itself as being weakened by usage.  So what were the temperatures involved?
Welcome to the site, have fun, and share. It has to be fun having your own courses where you're automatically a member.  And you'll get used to the humidity.
Sorry to hear of your mishap. I suppose a safety cord could be made from some really thin SS cable a couple clamps and a spring hook. But that is up to you. I use plastic head covers on my Mizuno MP68s. And despite the flack received from the purists here who think bag chatter is part of golf I like my chrome irons to be free of nicks and scratches except on the face. The cover is replaced after every use and before the cart is moved so I guess my clubs would be...
Brian why complicate things? Use the same swing you are trying to perfect. The only choice should be whether to use a tee or not.
Nice story and congrats on the Ace. By the way how much did the round of drinks cost you after the game? You did take your friends out for a drink after didn't you?
What about sea level with hot air and high humidity?    
Sounds like you may be gripping too hard. Also if you aren't a frequent golfer your hands may just be adjusting to the game. The grip should be just strong enough to keep the club from slipping from your hands. A strong grip restricts club movement because it cant be done without tensing the muscles in your arms.  I suggest asking a instructor to check your grip and swing.    For the gloves, I've found the more you pay for one the thinner the material, leading to...
New Posts  All Forums: