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ahhh, I see what you are saying now. thank you.
thank you, I can feel that but I always thought my grip was correct. I'll definatly work on that tommorow. So my hips are rotating early?? I think thats why I'm coming so far inside right off. So my shoulders should start in the rotation first and then my hips?? is this correct? thanks for your input!
I think its working now iacas, but if its not you are more than welcome to delete this thread. sorry for the trouble!
blast.... not sure why its not working I put it on public.
I'm currently uploading some of my swing videos. my, down the line, swing video will be up later, I can't find my charger for my camera and it just died. I am coming over the top just slightly, its a problem that I have been working on for a while. I bring the club back a little on the inside. There are a couple other flaws i'm working on. let me know what you think, and sorry the video is dark, I had been out there all day and just decided to get my camera out...
I just play what is comfortable with me. Not what someone else plays or supposedly plays..
Good points, I have also been watching the Euro tour, they really have some deep fields and I hope it continues.
I havn't read this entire thread, but all the talk about cheating and what not is stupid. they are playing within the rules....who cares!
I've played mizuno golf clubs most of my life. my first set was mp-14 blades, then I went to callaway irons, then to ping irons then back to mizuno, and I haven't look back since!! I'm currently hitting MP-32 blades and couldn't be happier. Some of the best irons and wedges in the game. I just purchased a brand new set of MP-T wedges to replace my Clevelands.
when the weather turns around, I will play or practice 6 days a week, but right now with the highs in the mid 20's I can only dream of practicing. I work 40-45 hours a week, but when daylight savings gets here, I will get to practice after work. I guess I do more practicing than playing.
New Posts  All Forums: