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I have a "play set" of hickorys. The irons are a "H&S Grand Slam" set with miscellaneous woods All ebay purchases. Not expensive by any means. But great change of pace. I play up one tee box. This gives me a new view of the golf course.   I have made some modification to the original clubs. I purchased a sheet of calf hide. Re gripped the clubs with the leather strips with the rough side out. Amazing feel. Also have put in lead inserts on the woods. I melted and poured...
Yes.......But as Mystique you get it all. Fantasy=reality
+1 Can hear his comments about sandbangers being putrifying puddles of gutless golfers. Muligans rotting the game to the core.  His last words to Dr. Manhattan "JUST DO IT " directed to the golfer taking his seventh practice swing. LOL
Mystique please....Viva la difference  
Marley   He is a Golden Retriever Australian Shepard mix   My son's wired haired Viszla...Gambit...a pointing machine        
Wisky teams......Badgers, Packers, and yes the Brewers....Bucks and other NBA teams not so much   Hockey....Blackhawks are cool
Brett self destructed here in Madison...  Brett showed up at fund raisers late and  drunk....Hit up co eds at local bar ...regular boorish behavior....maybe a wife and change of venue will change him
Harvey   Arsenic and Old Lace   +1   To  Have and Have Not   Duck Soup
JUST SAW THIS THREAD>>>>>AWESOME   Might i tweak these 3 points.   1. Retain political parties as these 1st amendment is sacred to most. 2. Retain primaries but the individuals advance irregardless of their political party affinity. 3. Advance candidates with a critical mass of support of the primary voters....of course allowing voters freedom to vote regardless of political affinity in either the primary or finals.     I fail to understand the current system...
I do not blame any particular party for the diversity of thought we have in U.S. politics....the debt ceiling, health care, view of China etc.   WHAT IS NEEDED....is the saving of the parties from themselves. Gerrymandering has created insulated elections with the protected party running candidates to the extremes of their positions. An example is the House is more fractured than the Senate. Term limits do not solve this artificially created ...
New Posts  All Forums: