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There is a little more to it than SS. I swing fast enough to play a 5.5 but I am a smooth swinger with a deliberate tempo. I hit 5.0 vs 5.5 and it was a night and day difference. Try to hit them if you can. Rule of thumb is that the flighted shafts are .5 higher than non flighted. If I was going to play flighted PX I would play 5.5
I switch back and forth between the SFTP 1 and Ping I20. SFTP is low/mid flight, great on windy days or links courses, Ping is great for target courses and courses with a lot of doglegs because it goes high and doesn't get a ton of roll.
try the i20 with the 707d, nice low launching combo.
i play every driver at 44.75" and I would be shocked if anyone could tell the difference in weight or length or flex.
I went to the midnight launch party at GG and wasn't really impressed with the results in the simulator. I take lessons on Friday's from my buddy who is the head pro at my local CC. They stock them in the pro shop and I asked him if I could hit them outside and it was a different ball game. I bought the HT 17* and a 21.5* hybrid. The feel of the club took some getting used to but you can't argue the results of a 4w that goes as far if not farther than my old 3w.    I...
Played 18. Shot 76 32 putts 36% fairways hit 50% gir 1 three putt 4 birdies 7 pars 6 bogeys 1 double bogey Not too bad I guess.
I believe that most of the time it is a longer parallel tip section to raise launch to make it perform better for a wider range of players.
i have a 909f with a YS 7+ in my basement... Shoot me a message if your interested, its fairly cheap.
i don't remember them claiming anything added with the driver.
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