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Brought up the purse thing because of you were trying to justify their actions by saying its their fault because they were making stuff in China.  
Go hit drivers on a launch monitor. Pay close attention to angle of attack. High spin is ok if your launch is really low, maybe not 4000 but it all depends on ball speed, launch angle, backspin and angle of attack. My guess is that if you lost distance with less spin it could be that the launch was lower as well or your contact was not as solid with the D3. Get an idea of what the LM #'s are and we may be able to point you in a better direction. 
I have one coming with a DI next Friday.... Hurry up Ping and put it together already!
    Look at fake LV purses, those have never been made in China. They still make BS fakes to sell for a profit. Stop trying to justify it bud, you are definitely in the minority. China steals other people's products, mass produces garage copies and sells them to make Money
  Hence the reason I brought up Kucok's putter. The guy is 6'11". I stopped at GS today, 38.5" putter. Which if any one cares was a Redwood ZB with a Superstroke grip....    To tell him he can't use a putter that fits him because it's too long is absurd, but they should figure out a way to regulate the motion or "stroke", if you will, to some degree. Which isn't exactly necessary until they do a little research on the subject. I personally can't use them, I putt worse...
  actually I've never heard nick Faldo say it. I used the "____" because I'm not sure that was the correct term to use. If they banned adjustable drivers it wouldnt be a big deal to me either had a 910D2 that I played on the standard setting. I have a 910 that I play on a standard setting.  my new driver is not adjustable. if my non adjustable driver is fit for me at 11.25 loft and 1* open. what's the difference if it's made that way or if I "adjust" it that way      
Toni Kukoc just traded in his putter at the Golfsmith I go to and it is at least 39" long.... I'll have them measure it the next time I go, because now I'm curious, would that be a banned length? I think belly putters should be banned because they are "anchored" to the body as some one else mentioned. Banning anything over a certain length could get tricky    
This is one of the most off topic ridiculious posts I have seen on here. Phil is suing the internet service provider for the guys name because he's Phil Mickelson and he can. Who cares why he is or what he's going to do after he gets the guys name, if he ever does.  If their privacy laws prevent it, it's done. The Canadian government really doesn't give a shit about who he is.  I've got a bible, a couple slaves, a dictionary and my lawyers business card on the fact that...
  Miss named..... Velocity slot. An error uninteded to rob the antique woods of their state of the art technology.. Lol    
    Stop it dude. Bringing in a moral aspect of heart on a counterfeit club debate? Wow. 
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