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    I hit my Speedline LP 15.5* Matrix HDA 70g vs the RBZ. Gained 8 yards. Wasn't surprised, the RBZ is bigger, longer, lighter. Both have the speed slot tech. For 8 yards I'm not jumping on board, but I did see some of the slower swingers at the launch have significant gains
Another fake club pissing match. If he bought it and he can't return it, screw it..... Keep it and use it until the cheap ass material non milled FAKE head falls off of it. He bought it because he couldn't afford or didn't want to afford a real one. Was he duped? Maybe. Maybe not. Counterfeit clubs are bullshit, they make my real club purchases more costly. Comparing a $150 fake putter that costs $300 is a little different than a $3000 fake watch for $150. Different...
Come to think of it, when I ordered my AP2's from Titleist they cam in a box, bubble wrap around the head, plastic on the grips.... NO plastic bags. My co-worker just opened his new 712 AP1's an hour ago.... Same thing box, bubble wrap, plastic on grips.... NO bags.
What Bobby Jones shot with the clubs he had has absolutely nothing to do with whether they are fake or not. The comment was a statement, not an accusation. Counterfeit clubs is a huge problem right now and most of the "Chinese OEM" (aka fake) manufacturers include headcovers like these with their irons.   Money order only is a little suspicious as well... No protection for the buyer
Where did those cheesy headcovers come from?
Where did they come from?
Tomorrow, after playing 5 days straight on my annual Thanksgiving week trip to AZ
81 at Las Sendas... first time ever seeing the course, thank the big man upstairs that I was paired with some members who showed me the way around....
87 on a 7000 yard course, drove the ball horrible, hit my irons like crap.... lucky it was as low as it was....
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