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what do "playing golf for only 2 years" and moronic posts have to do with each other?
+1 72... great round.. irons crisp, putted well. shot of the day was a 5 iron second shot from 221y (according to the GPS) on a par 5, 2 putted for bird....
+1..... I would take a par round with 36 putts any day of the week.he shot a 68 today with 2 more putts than yesterday.... go figure.
1. Titleist (best overall offerings) 2. Mizuno (great irons, had a mp-001 driver a while ago and it wasn't terrible) 3. Ping (questionable wedges) 4. Taylormade (great woods, gaudy irons) 5. Cleveland (wedges are only thing I have used) 6. Callaway (never really liked any of their offerings)
Quote: +1 (simple and esay)  
Tmade SF 2.0, MFS 65N S-2 tipped 1/2", 45" playing length.   Pros: Way better than the stock setup Cons: Only hit 3 balls with it so far (glue wasn't dry yesterday on my day off, got bored at work today)
Couldn't take it anymore... Grabbed 3 balls, went out behind work and hit them into the field.  Hard to judge distance but it felt great. Can feel the club head all the way through the swing.  The stock setup was too light and I couldn't tell where I was at the top of the back swing. I hit a lot of pull hooks with it because my hands would get to high on top. From the 3 balls I hit I think it is problem solved.  I like the heavier feeling for sure. We will see on Sunday.
Before: D9 After: D8.2
The club as a whole feels heavier, I would imagine that its because of the similar SW with it being an inch and a half shorter.
I took my superfast 2.0 in to get it reshafted today. stock shaft is 45g, 25g grip, 2g of tape and playing length is 46.5. I put in a 65g shaft tipped 1/2", 25g grip, 2g of tape and a playing length of 45". the club feels head heavy now and the swing weights are only .8 different. why is this? not complaining, actually like the new set up as I can tell where the head is now but wondering why it feels head heavy instead of more of a shaft weight feeling.
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