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rifle/dg/ns? how much no bag?
which ones and $?
the s59's are on the bottom of the list of the three. Mizuno or Titleist? Such a tough decision......
I guess my real concern would be to go with the 1 degree upright or not. Been playing standard clubs so long and being fit once having the result be standard. Ping fitting says 1up / standard length. Should I try the upright in the Titleists?
I have donated two of them to the pond on red #5 @ ives grove, 1 to the woods at Johnsons Park. I cant hit it, tried and tried just cant do it. I have found i dont need it. Personal preferrence.
Ok, so I am thinking about getting rid of my DCI 762's after 8 years. I am a solid ball striker, low ball flight.... Not much of a shot shaper, can hit the draw or fade but prefer to just change the height as needed. Looking for a good set of irons to replace the 762's and these are my narrowed choices. Ping S59- Cast, minimal offset, ping fitting says im a blue dot... paid to have it done and they said im a standard/standard 735cm- Forged, minimal offset, cavity...
Titleist has everything you need.
Had a 905, bought the 907d2, hit my buddies 909comp.... 905-Nice driver I needed a different shaft 907-Proforce v2, I hit this thing a mile 909-Sounded weird when you hit it kinda like the old callway erc You're call, the head never matters much to me, for me its about the shaft. So make sure that is a good fit for you and the rest will be history
I used to carry a 19* and 21*. Swing is different now, went from 6 to 9 (couldnt play for a year and a half) Have to change the club configuration now.... Point is, you may have to play around with it for a while till you figure out what works best for you. I jumped on the hybrid train when they first came out and will never go back to my 3 iron.
New Posts  All Forums: