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I have one and love it. (rescue 11). have had hybrids in the bag since the hogan cft came out, haven't carried a 3 iron in god knows how long and haven't carried a 4 iron for probably 4 years either.
The biggest change in my putting came with switching to the SuperStroke grip, takes all of the wrist action out of the equation.... Same putter, different grip.
I used to have a Callaway steelhead 4 wood 17* that I had shortened to hybrid length and it was a perfect club for rough, fairway, and about 210 yards. bought the steelhead on eBay for 20 bucks with a ladies shaft in it and bought a shaft on eBay for $10. iit cost me $15 to put it together. I still have the club, I think. I think it's in my dads bag.
I hit the r11 vs SF 2.0 and bought the SF. I didn't like the way it sounded or felt. it was a nice driver just not for me. I did hit the 910 as well, traded in my 909d3 for the SF. the thing I wish the SF had was the interchangeable shaft adapter. been through 2 shafts so far an the next one is in route. would be nice to he able to take all three to the range and just change em out to see the differences.
i don't necessarily agree with the "stay away from titleist" post. I'm not saying go out and get 712 MB's but I don't see how a set of ap1's would hurt you. I personally am a big fan of getting clubs that you have to grow into. it will force you to become a better ball striker. you need feedback to get better. everytime I stop at golf galaxy I always try the GI irons and they all feel dead to me. if money is no object, go get fit. don't fall into the brand loyalty trap...
my grooves are fine. paint is awful but is a relatively easy fix.
hit the cb's against the ap2's when I bought my irons. I thought the ap2's felt better and were more forgiving. bought the ap2's with kbs shafts.
ok. so, the wedges look ok. you can see the brushlines in them from the brushwheel they used to strip or sand them down. finish is good, durable so far through 5 rounds. paint fill is a little sloppy and kinda tacky (will be a quick fix when I get a chance to get to the hardware store and get a paint marker) biggest difference from my old mizunos is the spin. man do they chew up the balls now, spin has increased but not surprised my old mizzies were a little worn. will...
prime example: my old irons we dci 762's. dg s300. played well with them but had low ball flight. 2* stronger lofts than my ap2's. ap2's kbs tour stiff. hit them higher, farther and with more spin. like I said, too many factors involved in shafts, weight is a big one. the dg s300 were a lot heavier than the kbs ball flight a lot lower with dgs300, but both were stiff flex. if your looking for the proper setup for your game, let the pros do it. go get fit.
the uniflex shafts should be fine for him. he used to swing harder but now he is approaching 60 an his range of motion has limited him to more of a 3/4 swing. he doesn't play much anymore so his game is pretty inconsistent anyway. lol. figured I would pick these up for him since his current irons are a "component" set that he ha made an they are pretty crappy. trying to sneak the game improvement thing past him, he's a proud old man and the Adams hybrid sets he wouldnt...
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