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I agree with sean. I wouldn't be worried so much about the spin on a 10 yard shot. I can hit a 10-15 yard shot with almost all the clubs in my bag. what I use is going to depend on the situation, and the lie.
posted a 39/39. had one double. driver went a little haywire for a couple holes but my irons were on.
Picking up a set of these irons for my dad. anyone on TST have a set?
probably the right idea. there are so many different factors.
Srixon tour ad333. had gotten a box as a gift. not too shabby. decent distance and kinda soft. plays alot like the bridgestone e6. I chew up pro v's with the quickness so I may be switching as well.
it may not be the difference between the stiff or regular, each shaft has different characteristics. one stiff shaft will have a different bend point, torque, butt stiffness, tip stiffness than another. there is no standard for flex, it's pretty much whatever they want to call it. you could play a regular flex v2 in a higher shaft weight and it may feel and play the same as a mizayaki 59g x flex. it was probably just the wrong shaft for your swing. now, as far as the...
not really sure what you want to know. I was going to get the eccos' but ran across these at pro shop at a golf tourney I was in, bought them, laced them up, and have been in love ever since. comfortable, stable, I have flat feet so it's always tough to find golf shoes that don't kill my feet. these will he the only ones I get from now on.
Footjoy Street
i shot an 81 with a double and a triple the other day but it was a solid round except for those 2 holes. anything over 80 I complain. anything over 85 and I want to cut my clubs in half with an angle grinder. anything over 90 I give up the game (for about 36 hours and then I come back to reality and hit the range) I swear golf makes you bi-polar
I love my 56, for those 2 shots only.... I use my 53 for pretty much everything 100 yards and in. same reason you use your 56. it's my money club. chips, pitches, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4... I use my 60 for down hill chips from off the backside that run straight down, I use my 50 for full shot at 130 or if I need a runner up over a ridge in the green. each one has a purpose and multiple shots... I love them all actually.
New Posts  All Forums: