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high bidder with 36 hours to go.
shot 81 with a double and a triple ( on a 283 yard par 4, duffed a chip, then bladed the next one) good day except for the 2 blunder holes. take 2 or 3 of those + strokes out of those two holes and I'm back under 80 where I belong.
might not be the arrow, check the Indian. all things equal the v2 should be lower
I say you take the club to a fitter and have them tell you instead of asking us. you would be better of. I have wasted a shit ton of money trying to self fit myself.
Would be fun to take vids of the everyone with the hammer and post them in a thread.... I am on Hammer Explosion on ebay right now.... Lets get one going.
Wednesday I had a chip in for bird on the first hole which was cool but the best shot was a 53 degree wedge over a tree and bunker to a pin tucked right behind it from 109 yards from the next holes fairway and stuck it inside 5 feet. couldn't really see the pin because of the tree but it's the course 4 mins away from my house and they usually put the pin there on Sunday's.
I'm going on eBay right now.... Hammer 2? POW!
Sadlowski is the real deal my friend... Probably the longest hitter the game has ever seen.     
I watched a youtube video of him with Gray Mccord.... He hit a 300 yard drive with a putter and with a 29" long driver... He crushes the ball
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