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Another for MapMyRide
old ankle injury acting up, ortho doc says surgery will not do anything.  take pain meds about an hour before Tee time and halfway through.  Not the best scenario, but what the H, it works, I get out there.  Also when I ride my bike.  Wear brace when working out.
Had a buddy have that happen, swing, hit ball and club head goes way further than ball.  I had a 2 iron shaft snap at the bottom end of the grip once....club felt really light all of a sudden.............
dihydrogen oxide, preferably cold or cool
A few years ago, we left after the 13th hole.....................after 6 hours!!! The course screwed the pooch on tee times that day, way too many.   We usually do 18 in about 3 1/2 hours, so I would say anything over 4 1/2 hours would be slow play.
Go to the Joey D website, he also has a DVD
That is over a week ago, I cannot remember........ They say the mind is the second thing to go.....no clue what the first one was
Welcome.  Spend a lot of time there, just got back from a month up there for work
Go to Palm Beach Golf Center on Military just north of Northlake. It is my go to store, local. http://www.palmbeachgolfcenter.com
Wife has been telling me that about me for 39 years.........
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