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President is good, played it last month. Beware the ducks................on 15, we teed off, and we go to our balls. On the other side of the bridge is a bunch of ducks. Anyway, they take off, cracking jokes with my bud who is driving, next thing I know is I get a really hard slap on the right side of my face (enough to split my lip). Damn duck flew into my face sideways, then ends up flapping on the seat between us then on the floor by the pedals. Both of us are like...
Welcome! Used to live in Daytona and Port Orange, moved south to Jupiter (West Palm area) back in 1986.
Book has been ordered
G4, 2 G450s, a G650 in about a year/year and a half, and possibly a G550 to replace the 4. And yea, I am the head maintenance guy, doing it over 20 years, doing Gulfstreams almost 30 years, from G1 on up. Also have family that lives on Wilmington Island, they used to live on Tybee.
Nice! Next lower I get will either be a Spike's with maybe a .204 Ruger upper, or a Tactical Machining for something .308 based (or something that has the same case base as the .308). Thinking about a 6.4x47 Lapua, probably will convert a Remy 700 to that as the AR platform is hard on the brass and Lapua brass is not cheap!! The 6.8 is a Kotonics upper, 1 in 11 inch, SPC II chamber 4 groove rifling. The owner of Kotonics (no longer in business thanks to a vendor screw...
Agree with the membership on arfcom, but lots of good info, just have to weed out the wannabees!
Cipher check out 68forums dot com if you haven't already. Dedicated to the 6.8 round
Check out North Palm Beach GC on US 1 between Northlake Blvd and PGA Blvd. Atlantis is a good old course, one of my favorites. Abacoa GC in Jupiter off Donald Ross Rd There are several county run courses, of which Park Ridge and Okeeheelee are both good, not pricey, link in a previous post above
Let me think about this for a minute NO! People I know and that I know will take good care of my spares, yes, they can borrow them no charge. Otherwise a resounding no.
Welcome! Enjoy your time here
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