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I hear the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale again.....................................and there is some oceanfront property for sale just east of Las Vegas........   Definitely suckered, hook, line, and sinker
First time I ever played was in college in 1974, at one of the Bethpage courses, don't remember which one. Could not hit the broadside of a barn, much less the ball, but we got hammered and had fun. Fast forward to the late 1980s, started playing a little for about a year, then moved on. Came back to it in 1997 and have stuck with it. Do not play as much as I would like, work has a tendency to get in the way of it................. Had rotator cuff surgery last October, my...
For what it is worth I had no pain when I had my heart attack 2 years ago.....................................just a lot of pressure in my left shoulder.   I also had rotator cuff surgery on my left side this past October, with a bone spur removed and one tendon reattached.  Took it slow, did all my PT and home exercises.  I have no problems playing golf nowadays, 9 months after surgery, just working on regaining distance.  No pain whatsoever.   Take it easy and do...
I messed up my left shoulder while working out at the gym last year, did not hurt when I was golfing though.  Had xray that showed among other things a bone spur.  Did the MRI, it also showed a "small" tear.  Had surgery in October   last year.  The "small" tear turned out to be a tendon that completely separated and had folded back on itself, which is what I think caused the pain.  Bone spur removed, tendon reattached.  My orthopedist was pretty aggressive with treatment....
Second ball in one front pocket, divot repair tool in the other, back pockets empty. Ball marker on bill of my hat, tee tucked in under hat rim. All else in cart or in bag.
Welcome, great group over here
Je ne parle pas le quebecois, je suis suisse français, mais bienvenue quand même.
English, French, Spanish.  Understand some German, Italian, Portugese.  Studied Russian for a short time in High School a looooooooooong time ago, remember about 3 words, also Latin and ancient Greek (had a European education to start with before coming back stateside about 50 years ago).
His "Live, behind the scenes" episode was hilarious............
Water or once in a great while Powerade.  Can't do booze or beer out on the course, get too dehydrated, especially in summer.  Drink afterwards though!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: