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Welcome.  Spend a lot of time there, just got back from a month up there for work
Go to Palm Beach Golf Center on Military just north of Northlake. It is my go to store, local. http://www.palmbeachgolfcenter.com
Wife has been telling me that about me for 39 years.........
Thank you Hammer, most definitely was to be "your" service. Typing fast on the ipad, sometimes letters do not get punched!! Just have to slow down and read what is typed
Welcome and thank you for our service.
Welcome to a great bunch and more important, thank you for your service. Stay safe.
Very true. Not much cannot be done with pencil and scorecard
A club that would make my shots another 20 yards further.....................................................into the woods? no thanks Seriously, strictly legal here
+ 100
Ok, so I did two things different from my normal grip: extend the left thumb and not have the right thumb down the grip but rather, as explained above, just the contact described above. Hit some practice balls in the yards with my 7 iron. Immediate improvement!!!! My hat is off to you Mike
New Posts  All Forums: