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The point is why feature an interview with Lance Armstrong? A real good model for the kids! cheat (because everyone is doing it) and get caught. Just a wonderful example.
It may be a way of attracting younger people to the game and perhaps it is because I would be considered “an old fogey” but I take issues with Golf Digest’s new format that does not seem to represent the values that are promoted through programs such as “The First Tee”.   To have articles that show how to fake a hole-in-one in order to collect the prize money, an interview with a disgraced enhancement drug user seems to undermine the “gentleman’s game” that promotes...
The camera because it confirms my eternal question...how can such a great swing hit such crappy shots :)
Just received the ZR800 and quickly looking at the specs..it appears that manual shutter speed is available...same menu as the FH25....will test and report
Thanks Erik Just ordered the ZR800....will advise
Just unpacked my camera from the suitcase and the LCD display is cracked. Is this still the camera to purchase for decent video?
Not the first time I have heard reports about Trevino....some senior tour players h ave told me the same thing
I have a tendency to agree...he tends to blame bad shots on everybody, his caddie or everything if he is playing badly. I like the way he gets the ball around the golf course but have a feeling all is not nice about Bubba
A flared left foot enables many positive moves ...agree with Erik ....try it in practice and then see what happens on the course when you are under your own self-inflicted pressure
Nice avatar
New Posts  All Forums: