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Now they feature "THE GOLFER" who killed Bin Ladin....what a great "golf" article
The Impact Snap Device is great for maintaining a flat left wrist...look on Youtube
The point of the whole thread was about topics that Golf Digest is covering and in my opinion, they shouldn't be featuring one on how to cheat.
Yes, it is common knowledge that almost all are covered by insurance. are you saying it is ok to cheat the insurance companies?
Sure, people forgave Clinton for lying too...it is the new norm. Maybe they will feature Mike Tyson next issue.
The November issue had the column about how to fake the hole in one...The December issue has the Lance Armstrong interview
I am not too sure about that as I am on their " advisory " board and the latest survey had to do with the new format, articles and how much attention I pay to what watch the pros are wearing
Google golf digest November 2014..it is listed under columns...by Guy Yocum
The point is why feature an interview with Lance Armstrong? A real good model for the kids! cheat (because everyone is doing it) and get caught. Just a wonderful example.
It may be a way of attracting younger people to the game and perhaps it is because I would be considered “an old fogey” but I take issues with Golf Digest’s new format that does not seem to represent the values that are promoted through programs such as “The First Tee”.   To have articles that show how to fake a hole-in-one in order to collect the prize money, an interview with a disgraced enhancement drug user seems to undermine the “gentleman’s game” that promotes...
New Posts  All Forums: