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I have no problem with picking the ball up and putting down whatever score you want....most of the time. However I play with two guys fairly regularly, one is not so terrible the other is terrible. The terrible guy will pick up and say just put me down for double par, ok. Then the not so terrible guy will legitimately get a 7 (par 4). Terrible guy at the end of the round says he beat not so terrible guy. No you didn't because that 8 (double par) was really an 11 or worse....
When wins the Masters in a few weeks.
Dsc123, you took the words out of my mouth. I tend to play up or down to my partners. Unfortunately I dont get to play with better players that often, so I play alone when I can. I pay attention to everything and don't get caught up in conversation. Not that I mind those rounds, I actually really enjoy them, just sometimes like to ramp it up.
Like said 10 different time in 10 different ways, it allows most golfers to compete against each other. Kind of like playing from different tees. It can be difficult to find a perfectly matched competitor. Is I'm playing a 5 and he gives me three aside and I beat him using those strokes I'm happy. It isn't a "pretend" win because without those stokes I'm no competition for him, and he would beat me every time straight up. It makes it even, can't make it simpler.
Didn't David Duval shoot a 58 one time?
I'm 28 and have been playing for about 20 years. Backed off golf for a few years but am back and looking to make some serious moves.
Wow i learned a lot after reading these. I am going to change up my routine a bit for next summer. But here is what I usually do when I am practicing at the range. Start with 50 yard shots, half wedges. then full wedges to the 150 yard flag. I feel this stretches me aout pretty good. Then 7 iron, 5 iron, 5 wood then driver. Then back to the problem areas. Usually "cool" down with some more wedges from 100 yds and in.
I would definatly go with LCD. I few months ago i bought a 55 inch Samsung LCD. Can;t beat the picture. It is in direct sunlight most of the day and it is still looks good. Tons of compliments.
Learn to hit a driver. I have been driving the ball with my 5 wood. I hit it about 240 so never realy hurt me. Going to make the big step this year.
I liked the passion, but the temper tandrums really got to me. When he threw the driver into the woods, then planted the club into the ground, that was rediculous. It was as if he was showing off or somehting. I understand the frustration but you got to keep your cool, its much more intimidating.
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