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Oosthuizen is something to watch when he's playing well, and has the best swing in the game IMO.  He doesnt plan in enough American events though.   Nothing compares to watching a tournament when Tiger is in the hunt and playing well.  Even if you hate him, you cant deny it.  
SOLD to some poor soul on Craig's List
Would you take $75 for them?  I can get them for $78 on Amazon with free shipping, but I'll take them off your hands if we can make a deal.   http://www.amazon.com/Oakley-Mens-Scalpel-Rectangle-Sunglasses/dp/B0036B87YQ/ref=pd_sbs_sg_1/190-7497903-6160841
Here's some more detailed, close up photos.  As you can see, the grooves are in fantastic shape.  Being forged clubs they are soft so there is a bit of bag chatter evident, but the only real cosmetic defect is the 2 small scratches on the sole of the 4 iron which does not affect playability.   Photos are arranged as follows: P98, 76, 54    
Sure. I'm at work but will take a few more close ups tonight when I get home.
I am selling a beautiful Cleveland CG15 48 degree wedge, 8 bounce. I've had this wedge for about a season, and it has minimal use. I picked it up to use as a gap wedge with my set of Cobra S2 Forged Irons. It has the zip grooves that make the ball bite very well. The wedge is in great shape, and the grooves are perfect. I am selling the wedge for $75. I used this wedge as the gap wedge for my set of Cobra S2 Forged Irons which I am also selling for $375 (see my other...
I am selling my beautiful set of Cobra S2 forged irons. This set includes 4-PW and is in very good shape with the equivalent of 1 season of use or less. The clubs have True Temper steel shafts, stiff flex, standard lie and lofts. The 4 iron has a small scratch in the sole, and the rest of the clubs have minor signs of wear from play and being in the bag. None of the wear affects the playability of the clubs, and the grooves are in excellent shape. These clubs originally...
43 degree PW, 48 degree gapper, 53 degree sandy, 58 degree lob wedge   PW is part of my S2 forged set, 48 and 58 are CG15s, 53 is a Mizuno T-series from 2008 - great club
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