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I've made 4 birdies on the back 9 twice.   1 eagle and 6 birdies over 18 holes.
With the scenario you described, I'd do the following:   1) Stroke play tournament  - Lay up every time. 2) Match play - Lay up if I am hitting first.  If my opponent hit first and was on or around the green, then I'd be forced to go for it.  Otherwise, I'd lay up as well. 3) Money game - Go for it! 4) Casual round - Lay up every time.  I like boring golf ... greens and fairways.  
My suggestion for software is Kinovea - http://www.kinovea.org/en/   Its open source and free.  I have used V1 Home and cSwing in the past and I'd consider Kinovea to be a better product.   As for camera there have been lots of recommendations posted in other threads.
Agreed.  The numbers I posted a bit misleading since my home course slope/rating is 113/66.0 which will result scores close to an average.   This would be different depending on the difficulty of the tracks you are playing.          
I use Scorecard to keep track of all my rounds and it has an anti-handicap calculation.  Its the inverse of the handicap formula and calculates your index using the worst 10 of your last 20 scores instead of your best 10.   My handicap index is 6.6 and my anti-handicap is around 11.  This puts my bad rounds around the 79 - 83 range on a par 70 course.   Presumably, you'd want the two indexes somewhat close indicating consistent play.
I change my grips about every 50 rounds which is roughly once a year.
I play about 50 times per year and replace my battery 1 or 2 times a season with my Bushnell V2.
I tied my best round of 1 under 69 this past Saturday on my home course of par 70.   I shot a 38 (+3) on the front and a 31 (-4) on the back.  It was a pretty even round with 4 birdies, 3 bogeys and 11 pars.  I only hit 8 greens but scrambled to about 80%.  I had 3 3 putts and a penalty stroke (OB) so there's still lots of room for improvement.   I thought I needed birdie on the last hole for even par ... but I had miscounted.   A pleasant surprise of an under par...
I'm a self confessed freezer over the ball as well.  My symptoms are slightly different.  When it comes time to pull the trigger, my hands, wrists and arms get very tense.  A real killer.  Oddly, no problems on the putting green or for pitching/chipping.  I'm open to any suggestions others might have for fixing this problem.   Interestingly, Michael Breed on the Golf Fix addressed this problem the other night on his show.  He suggested doing the following drill for...
Yep.  This software rocks.  I just downloaded it this evening and began using it   As a long time user of cSwing and V1 Home (basic version) I can pretty much ditch those applications now.   If you are going to use the software I'd suggest that you quickly browse the help file which took me 10 minutes tops.  Some of the features aren't obvious.  However, once you learn the basic concepts its much more powerful than the other software I had been using.  
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