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I bought the RBZ Stage 2 and it's just another white headed driver to me. I am a 5 handicap and my SS is 108-115. My gamer is a 2001 Adams Redline Ti 460. I have yet to find a driver that is longer than this one. I have a new Titleist 910 D2, Callaway Razr Fit Extreme and the RBZ.
.350 shaft? I may be interested if so.
I guess nobody has experience with this shaft? I installed it in the 9015D head and have yet to take it to the range.
Which Rombax shaft do you have in your driver? Your spin rate is high. My numbers from today... SS 115 LA 14.5 Spin 2350 This is with the Adams driver in my sig which is a 60g Fujikura shaft. I hit the ball 290-320yds (GPS) here in south Texas in the summer.
I currently play with my old Adams Ti460 with the stock Fujikura G60 in stiff flex. I have played this club for 10yrs and it is still the hottest club I have owned. I got some LM data yesterday with this club...SS 114, LA 16*, BS 2250rpm, Ball Speed 165mph. I dont remember the average carry but my total distance was around 310yds. I have another driver...Adams 9015D head in the UST Proforce V2 shaft which I do not like. I am looking for a shaft for the 9015D to use as a...
I will take the 60* wedge. Email me. davbrucas@aol.com
A friend of mine needs one. Prefer regular flex but may consider stiff since he is 53. Shoot me an email since I dont check here often if you have one for sale. davbrucas@aol.com
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I may have to go try another F3 but with different shafts.
Heck, I dont even remember which shaft was in it. Likely stock...I may give it anther try with a different shaft.
Yup, I know the shaft controls the trajectory. Just wanted some suggestions on what clubs to demo so I dont spend so much time trying to find the right one. I had the 909F3 for about a day...didnt like it but it was more the low launch shaft.
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