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I think practising shorter putts of 3ft and in is a great thing to do on the carpet while the weather is horrible. Stan Utely mentioned about practising lots of short putts on his site recently: http://stanutley.com/2009/12/14/my-18-putting-drill/ Hope this helps Nick
you have a good initial setup. What is shot pattern like? You bring the club inside very quickly from looking at the top video which leads to the club being swung around your body - something I'm working to stop right now. Check out the two pics I took of my swing - top one I feel is similar to yours on the video http://www.golftribe.com/archive/201...enge-2010.aspx Nick
I'm lucky that my girlfriend is very supportive. Before playing golf all I did was sit at my computer and work so she's happy that I get outside and get some fresh air. I did feel bad about leaving early on Saturday morning for golf, but she admitted she likes the house to herself for a while to potter around! She has even sat down and watched the closing holes of the odd tournament on TV with me! So far it sounds like we are all very lucky. Cheers Nick
Open stance and delayed release always works for me. I think everybody does it slightly differently so it is certainly worth spending time at the range to see which you can pull off - especially under pressure! You should always try alternating your shots though when practising. 1 draw, 1 straight(ish), 1 fade (the book Every Shot Must Have A Purpose has some good routines in)
Have you tried out hybrid clubs? I took my 3i and 4i out and replaced them with 3 and 4 Cleveland hybrids last year. Much easier to hit and has made a big difference to my game. Only issue is when it is really really windy as they do fly the ball quite high Hope this helps
I'm lucky that I can swing any club in my house. The only time I have done damage is when standing in a doorway and using the wall to make sure my back swing doesn't get too flat. Flat back swing equals a mark on the wall and an unhappy missis! :)
Hi, I think power comes from the core, check out Gary Edwin and his Right Sided Swing method. http://www.garyedwingolf.com.au/ There are a few videos on YouTube as well http://www.youtube.com/results?searc...rch_type=&aq=f I'm working on this right now Hope this helps Nick www.golftribe.com
Hi all, I've been reading the reviews on here of the new Stack and Tilt book and also reading some other posts about it. I ordered the book last night and it should arrive at some point tomorrow. I'm going to read it even if I don't decide to adopt the swing, but I had a couple of questions for people who have tried it: 1, How long have you been using S&T (or how long did you try it out for) 2, Have you stuck with S&T or gone back to a more standard swing? 3,...
I had Vokey wedges previously and never thought I'd change until I tried the CG14's. I now have 50, 55 (it's a 54 but with a degree added) and 60 which gives me a great set of distances.
I would get yourself to see a physio, they will quite quickly be able to tell you what's wrong if anything and then let you know if you need to rest it or do some specific exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee. Hope this helps Nick
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