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  Technically of course you are all disqualified under 1 - 3 Players must not agree to exclude the operation of any Rule or to waive any penalty incurred. PENALTY FOR BREACH OF RULE 1-3: Match play – Disqualification of both sides;Stroke play – Disqualification of competitors concerned.
  As mentioned earlier, IF anyone puts in a handicap card with gimmies then they are in breach of the rules = cheats.  Pure and simple. On the other hand, for a social game not in competition nor for handicap, I frankly don't give a rat's whether you have gimmes from the whole green, tee off from in front of the tee boxes, have mulligans, free drops from divots or whatever  
 If you were headed for Australasia then you should also consider the two courses at Barnbougle, Northern Tasmania (Dunes and Lost Farm), and some of the half dozen amazing courses within half an hour of Queenstown, NZ  (including Jack's Point, The Hills, Millbrook and Kelvin Heights).   Melbourne's Sandbelt and the area beyond, the Mornington Peninsula has at least half a dozen fabulous courses.   I am sure there are many others too.  New South Wales GC in Sydney is said...
Not wishing to be too precious, but 'gimmies' are OK for social play, maybe, if agreed by all parties, but if anyone tried it on me in a club competition or for handicap I would not sing their scorecard (would warn them when they first tried it).  And as pointed out above, they are appropriate for match play.
As a matter of interest what happens if one uses an abrasive  steel brush?   IF it results in a little rust, is this necessarily bad?   Could aid spin perhaps?  Would it make the club non-conforming?
You need to visit Royal Melbourne!! I have never seen so many deep bunkers - some would be well over 10 feet. Kingston Heath (also in Melbourne) not far behind.
Quite correct - in fact you cannot play the original ball even were it in some perfect position.
Now a 232 degree hybrid would be a very interesting club !!!. Can't quite picture it
Simple answer:Whether you use the 15th or not, if you carry it and are putting in a card for hcp or for competition, then you would be cheating.What you and your mates do on a 'recreational round', be it Mulligans, gimmies, free drops etc etc or an extra club is your own business.
New Posts  All Forums: