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Yeah, I think most people realize this thread is a joke.  I'd be willing to bet 1 in 20 people on here gave a true average number.  High handicaps are not able to swing on plane, nor can they consistently bring the club to the ball and strike it squarely.  Distance requires just that.  I'd subtract about 40-50 yards from everyone's driver distance to get the real number.  Those who say they hit it 285 probably average around 245.
Handicap is almost universally related to ballstriking up to about scratch.  The difference between +2 and +5 is going to be more short game.  My local pro here played for a while with a guy who was ranked dead last on the PGA tour's putting stats for two years.  He said to call the guy a bad putter was ludicrous.  His putting was far and away better than his.  The difference?  One is about a +3, the other a +5.   The PGA tour represents the top 1% of 1% of 1% in the...
Saying Tiger is a bad ballstriker is simply silly.  That's like saying that Dominick Miller is a bad guitar player because he's not as good as Lee Ritenour.  Both are among the best on earth, but one is a little ahead of the other.   Here's perhaps a bold claim.  Tiger Woods is a better ballstriker than anyone on this forum.  He tears courses apart.  They had to invent the phrase "Tiger proofing" because of him.  Do you think a putter did that?  No way.  He was #1 in par...
    WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?   Are you kidding me?  You think Tiger could score the way he does if he was putting for double bogey on every hole?  That's the reality, high handicappers have bad swings, period.  I too have seen many scratch golfers with ugly swings, but they are UGLY, not bad.  An ugly but on plane swing with a forward leaning shaft at impact is fine.   Too many people believe in the short game fantasy.  If you're taking 5 shots to reach a par 4, forget it, you...
Uh... the title of this thread made me do a double take...  Read it again, closely.
If he doesn't have a decent full swing, he probably won't have a real decent putting stroke.  The putter still has to be on plane and leaning forward.  I'd be willing to bet he's flipping the putter, which is why he's not making putts.  Ballstriking is probably 90%+ of handicap.  I've seen a lot of scratch and better golfers who can't putt to save their lives, but I've never seen a scratch or better who didn't have a good swing, but had a great short game.
  It goes away.  Good players generally find one or two guitars and stick with it.  Dann Huff, Larry Carlton, etc.  They all seem to revert back to one or two main guitars, in Huff's case, a Tyler LA Studio, in Carlton's case, a Gibson ES-335.  For me, it's a 1963 Fender Stratocaster.
    You mean that illegal driver hit it farther...  No!  You don't say.  What a silly comparison.
Nope, didn't contradict myself one bit.  What I meant was that adding length to your shaft is absolutely useless, as even 4" extra will only yield 7 extra yards on a perfect strike.  The average person loses something like 20-30 yards with a 46" driver over a 44" one.  My driver is 44", and I hit it about 35 yards farther than when it was a 46" driver.
Wow, you are better than a tour pro, amazing.  I wonder why your handicap is 11?  Seriously, don't be a fool.
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