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Short game?  Ha!  Not a chance.  Take a hundred 25 handicaps, and give them a tour pro's short game, and you've got a hundred 20 handicaps.  Give them a tour pro's swing, and you have a hundred scratch golfers.  Ballstriking is far and away the most important thing you can do to lower your handicap.   He had 2 greens in regulation.  NO ONE here has pointed out that BOTH times he hit the green he made a par.  He obviously putts fine when he's in position, but my guess...
I have a transcript from one of this couples' dates:   Natalie:  Hey. Dustin: Hey. Natalie: So, what's up? Dustin: Nothing. Natalie: Cool. [18 minutes of silence] Dustin: So? Natalie: So... [22 minutes of silence] Natalie: I really like you. Dustin: Ditto.   End of transcription.   Honest to god, I could not imagine more people who would be more boring together.  There isn't a lot going on upstairs.
  Uh?  Tiger Woods regularly shoots in the 60s on PGA tour courses, has won 14 majors, and over 70 PGA tour events, and he has a full time instructor...  So... tell me again why Rush doesn't?
Simple things, you're aimed right of your target.  Aside from that,  you basically throw the club with your upper body, your hips haven't cleared at impact.  It's all arms in this swing.  That's why you can't generate power.
I shank full shots a lot on the range, almost always after a lay off or when trying to flatten the swing.  It's not a huge deal, once I either get used to it again, or get the move somewhat ingrained, it goes away, usually after about a day, often less.
  Yeah, that and the over the top move.
Um, he does?  I imagine a certain Scotty Cameron putter might be there at times.
OK, that cigar trick worked for me pretty well...   Hands got a lot deeper, my big enemy in my swing.  Even if my club doesn't go on the inside, the hands rarely get deep enough.  A lot of it is lack of flexibility, but I've lost another 15 lbs, so it is getting easier.  Interested to see how it works for others.  By the way, who exactly wants to squeeze cigars?  Why not imagine having one of the Jersey Shore cast in a headlock?
Here's the properly translated version:   Callaway FT-iZ Driver Features:   Why we're charging you $500 for a driver nearly identical to our last "driver to end all drivers."   Beyond Long- In their never-ending mission to find more distance and accuracy for golfers, Callaway’s engineers used an entirely new design to once again produce a driver that’s longer and straighter than anything they’ve ever made.   We've added about a half of a yard, assuming...
  Dude, that's a really good metaphor.  I'll have to try that.  Too bad I have a rehearsal today, but I may be able to sneak to the range.
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