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The video is pretty much useless.  You need to hit a ball, not even into a net, but an actual swing where the flight is affected.  When you're just swinging in this environment, there's no chance for your brain to take over and try to steer the ball, which is the reason for swing flaws.
I have a few reasons:   1.  Offset...  No way. 2.  Shot dispersion, with my short irons it matters, with my long ones, I use cavities. 3.  Flight.  My blades already fly a mile in the air, imagine how high GI clubs would go?  I can send a GI 3 iron into orbit. 4.  Looks!
Haha, "Luxembourg, Europe?"  As opposed to Luxembourg, somewhere else?  Tis a lovely country though.  Welcome.
No, they don't.  People just don't realize how bad a 13-14 handicap looks on video.  I'm a 6, and I look like an absolute hacker compared to a tour pro.  We all like to think we look better than we do, but we don't.
That's normal when you flatten the swing.  You're probably flipping, make sure to turn through the shot, don't hang back.
Lamkin Crossline seem to just get better with age.  I never have issues.  It's been over a year since I switched, and my grips feel better now than they did before.
No driver is "straighter" than another.  The only difference is how much it will forgive you if you hit it off center.
3° is the standard gap between a 3 and 4 iron.
  But your swing is not at all too flat, it's actually on a very good plane (it's actually a pretty good swing).  Your problem is that you release the club too early, just like nearly everyone else.  You can't get solid contact consistently like that.  But as your swing is shallow, hitting down will seem like a good feeling to you.   You seem to think that a single digit can't have a bad swing plane, but god knows I can.  There are tour pros who are too steep.  Getting...
The problem with golf is that we're taught the same bogus tips year after year.  Hitting down on the ball is bogus.  It has no meaning, no one explains what exactly it means.  What we want to do is to maintain the flying wedge through impact, which will nearly force us to hit down on the ball, with the exception of someone who's literally lifting their arms right around impact (it may be possible, but I've never seen it.)   Deep hands is all about plane.  Swing on a...
New Posts  All Forums: