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I really doubt many people hit the ball too high.  I hit the ball really, really high, sky high.  Many great players hit it as high, or even higher than me.  Rickie Fowler, for example, hits it higher than I do, and guess what?  He's better than me.  You're trying to get the ball to land flat and stop, even with long irons.  Most amateurs can't stop a long iron on the green.  What you think of as losing distance may just be right.  You aren't trying to hit your short...
Uh, swing plane is a major fundamental.  Swinging too steep is a major problem, no matter what the ballflight.  When you swing too steep, you make the area in which you can strike the ball much smaller, and you hit it too low.  You always hear Eric talking about deep hands.  Deep hands are one of the most crucial components of a good golf swing.  The best ballstrikers on tour have flat swings.  Rickie Fowler was one of the best this year tee to green, and his plane is...
Maybe, but you're all getting way, way too hung up on small details. He needs to get his hands deep, that's all. No complex sequence of moves, just swing flatter, that's all.
Uh... What? I don't think that has anything to do with his problem. His problem is that his plane is too steep. Swinging with one hand will make it much worse, he'll be forced to pick the club up even steeper.
So, the guys who hit it the shortest are the most powerful?
If you're feeling excessive friction at impact, really any amount that seems like it grabs the club, then you've got a problem. A good plane will feel as if there's almost no turf, and you want minimal divot. Depending on the type of grass, you can take little or no divot with a good swing. I try to go for long, but shallow divots on tight grasses, and little or no divot on longer ones.
It has nothing to do with hitting down on the ball, and you can still be flipping and do this. It's because your plane is too steep. When that happens, you feel a lot of friction at impact, and you hit the ball fairly low. You need to get your hands deeper, and flatten your plane out.
You don't take a divot in a bunker. A divot is a chunk of grass, and the term itself comes from the patches of grass used to make roofs out of.
If I look in a guy's bag, and all of his clubs have little tiny dark wear spots in the direct center of the face, even the driver, then I'm intimidated. Otherwise, it's totally irrelevant. I've seen hackers with a bag of beautiful clubs, and I've seen amazing players with a bag of goodwill junk. Clubs do not make the player.
I "jump" a lot, and often it causes problems, in terms of extending my leg, which caused my torn ACL. My head pops up a good 2" or so. Not surprisingly, I can generate a lot of power. What about that, is there such thing as too much?
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