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Haha, yeah, you can see that reality is a harsh mistress. We get people on here every other week claiming a 280-300 yard average. 260 is actually really, really good, unless you aren't counting severly bad drives (I.E. mean vs median).
Don't know who would say it was a common misconception to think the divot should start behind or even under the ball. The divot should start in front of the ball, always, no exceptions.
None, actually. I'm fine, back to playing.
Hitting a long iron is truly a majestic thing. A long, high 3 iron that drops and stops is a beautiful thing. I love those days when my long irons just tear the sky. Watching them fly off into the sunset is really an amazing thing. I would say one in 100 golfers worldwide hits the ball properly or near to it on most shots. For me, I can go for weeks, sometimes months, without hitting a ball properly. To truly hit one the right way is to understand it. When you make...
I played tennis for many years in late elementary and middle school, so I do get it. I've considered a lot of opinions, but the problem seems to be stemming from a deeper issue, shallow hands. I'm feeling like the club is coming too much back inside after impact, instead of "releasing" outside.To be honest, every time I feel bad, I go back a month or two and look at my swing. The amount of progress being made day to day is just unbelievable. What used to be a flat...
Long irons amplify every mistake. They are much harder to hit than short ones. You're not hitting your short clubs any better, you're just getting away with a lot more. After only a month, the long irons will be damned near impossible to hit right, but then again, almost nothing will be right. It takes time to get the nature out, so to speak, and dial in a good swing. When I'm off, I can hit my shorter clubs well, or somewhat well, but not the long ones, because if my...
Honeymoon periods happen with any club. They likely come from the fact that a new club is somewhat unfamilliar, and when you swing it, you go easier and make a more solid swing. I haven't had that for a while, my clubs are my clubs pretty much all the time. Nothing in my bag is newer than about 2007.
True, all of that. My flip comes post impact, so it's not hurting me as much as it could, but it still annoys me. The followthrough is just wrong. The left arm just never looks right.
This is what I love about honeymoon periods. I've had the same driver for about 3 years now. I've had times where I thought it was the hardest to hit driver on the planet, and other times where I thought it was the hottest driver on the planet. The key here is that the only thing that changed was me. The driver has been in its current form for about a year now. Honeymoon periods are great, but I'd rather work toward a good swing.
Over the top is quite common, and in other sports as well. People have trouble with a medium not aligned with themselves, like bowling and darts. In both cases, people will look down the middle of their target, but the throw will be made from the right (or left) side of the body. That's why people often pull darts and bowling balls, they're trying to correct, instead of aiming properly. Both of these, interestingly, are sports I play very well.Golf is no different. ...
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