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I know what you mean, because the strike feels so effortless with that shaft lean, but it seems like if I try to overdo it, it actually feels worse.I'll try the drill again, hopefully I can stay on plane now. I have been trying a swing thought where my only effort is to get the club to the top, then let it do its own thing from there. That really helps with long clubs. I am able to get it on a better plane with that lazy drop in move, a-la Couples.I've seen the Martin...
No, but take an old huge blade chipper sometime make a full swing with it. It's the most solid feel you'll ever find. Those things hit the ball like 170 yards, just pure as can be.
Guys...That's his setup. Seriously, that must be fixed before anything else.
Oh man, that's true right there.
The shaft lean is ok... at imapct. Therein lies the issue, it flips quickly after impact. The left arm then proceeds to hold off the club and bend, certainly more than it should. In essence, it bends up instead of the club turning over and the arm bending the other way... if you get what I mean. I might be able to get a video up soon.
Funny, but I'm actually having trouble with this. I can't seem to let it release without flipping the club. My whole body hangs on, and turns violently and my right foot is getting pulled forward. If I don't do that, I flip the club, and my hands are only about 3" in front of the ball around impact, then I scoop up and cup my left wrist just after impact. I can't seem to release my arms without flipping the club. Does anyone have any drills to get the arms forward,...
I've done it even with sticks. You need to check videos regularly, you'd be suprised. As Gary McCord once said, "Every pro-am I've ever played at, I've seen someone aligned improperly, and many times, that someone was me."
Yes, that's a good point. I at one point set up with my face closed, and all I could do was hook it. A friend helped me, and I ended up hitting nothing but straight pushes. I was compensating by coming under plane. But like you say, these are really more of problems in setup and alignment, which are so common. Even tour pros work on alignment and ball position regularly.
Here's an older grainy picture of me eating a bar snack after a round at the 19th hole: [[SPOILER]]
Check your aim. A huge number of people feel like they're aimed farther left than they are.
New Posts  All Forums: