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I saw this on the local news. Very sad. It was an accident, though, and these things happen. A lot more people have been killed by stray bullets around here.
You are wrong, but not in your facts, in your analysis. The face is not open to the target, so trying to close it is fruitless. Humans have amazing hand/eye coordination, and our ability to square the face is quite good. The reason we slice is that we come over the top, and therefore the face is now only open relative to the path. Many slicers, in fact, have their face closed to the target. It's path, path, path, path. Fixing the face is rarely ever required. Very...
Only 90%? Maybe 90% of current golfers, but over a lifetime, probably more like 95% of golfers suffer from it. I did, I know nearly everyone here did. I used to have a wicked slice. Convincing myself to swing from the inside, as weak as it feels, is what fixed it. Now I'm part of your 10%. I'm under plane, in fact, as you yourself have pointed out. So, while I once fell into that category, I now don't.
I love the slice discussion. I occasionally hook the bejesus out of the ball. I also have a face that's open at impact, and a path that's severely inside out when I do it. When I'm hitting hooks, my divots go well out to the right, and my face at impact is clearly open on video. I love watching slicers try and try and try and try to fix their slice by shutting the face. I just smile, and proceed to hit a huge hook, and then when they ask how I did it, tell them I...
Dude, fix the swing. That's insane. No driver on the face of this earth will help you with this:
My god, this must be the most amazing looking swing ever. I have to see this on video. Equipment won't do much, -5° angle of attack must be fixed. -2° might be acceptable, but damn, -5? By the way, my computer here says that a -5° angle of attack with a 15° driver, 120 mph swing speed will result in a 231 yard carry with a launch angle of 9.3° and a backspin of (get this) 5613 rpm! The angle of descent is 57.1° with a spin upon landing of 3701 rpm with a maximum...
The whole burner series looks awful at address too. I hit the tour issued Burner, and while it performed well, it felt and looked terrible.
I haven't re-measured it. I have played like twice since then, I tore my ACL, and I've just been too busy. Ill update it someday. This is true, but I've been here a while, and I've seen a lot of double digit handicaps making ridiculous claims left and right. Most people, on a good drive, hit it maybe 250. I've seen people hit a driver 240 and claim it must be near 300 yards. I myself have hit drivers 200 yards, and literally had people tell me I must have hit that...
My average drive is 246 yards. Ironically, everyone on here called me a short hitter! That gave me a laugh. I guess people don't understand what average means. Even so, 246 is a pretty long average. My clubhead speed (real numbers, of course) is around 110, but on the internet, apparently that's slow, even though the club fitters recommend X flex shafts. Oh well
Cash is also thicker than water.BTW, the amount in question I heard was 2 mil per year. Again, this is all just secondhand info, but the source is trustworthy.
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