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How many pinheads did it take to write that one?  
Uhh...even though most of the time they're pretty savy about what mic is going through to the audio feed, you can see him swearing emphatically most of the time he plays. I saw it last weekend from the Middle East. I haven't seen much of the live coverage from Pebble except for a few holes today, and he didn't hit any real loose shots.   I was playing around, though. I'm excited. It's good for the game. It's good to see Phil putting decently and not spraying it too...
Well...so much for the congenial atmosphere of the clambake. Should make for interesting TV. The juxtaposition of Tiger screaming "F***" after a bad shot; for all its flaws, this is a real reaction - then you have Phil romping around and signing autographs after he sprays his driver 75 yards off line into some old lady's head. Hmm.
A famous yoyo suing an anonymous yoyo.   Note: this is not the premise for a hacky Sandler movie, this is really happening.
Foley's as S&T as the guy who teaches me is - and the gentleman's in his 80s and never refers to any book or 'system' when teaching the golf swing.   As much as I am skeptical of S&T (mainly because of how P&B come off, some of the literature/media they've put out, etc.) a lot of what they're communicating is sound and matches most modern conceptions of an athletic, powerful, balanced, stable golf swing. I think if you're talking to someone about your golf swing and...
Damn, why haven't I discovered this thread sooner?   Hogan Project, either you are insane or you have the mental toughness of an elite Michael Jackson impersonator. For the good of all humanity, I pray for the later.
I'm doing range sessions every weekend, and I've played a few nine hole rounds by myself because it's been an unseasonably mild winter so far (until this weekend, when we've been smacked back to reality). Working on some swing things so I'm not even keeping score during the rounds at this point, just trying to apply things I'm working on to playing on grass and hitting real shots managing wind, contours, etc.
lol, I just saw one in person yesterday and wanted to post a thread, but someone beat me to it...   I liked the i15 driver and came close to purchasing it, and the i20 took everything I liked about the i15 and improved upon it...   the way it sets up, the flat black finish, the weight, the head shape...gave me the tingles a little bit man, super cool.   I couldn't hit it though. I have an issue going on with a cut on my finger that's kind of out of control,...
Grip is one of, if not the, hardest thing to change because the domino effect it creates is tremendous. Whenever I'm making a grip adjustment or even just tuning something up with my grip during a range session, I always hit a lot of balls with it where I'm not really hitting full shots, just trying to hit it solid and be in good positions with my take away and at impact, until I feel like I'm in a good position with it.   I guess what I'm saying is - don't be...
I could've sworn he dropped a 2. Har har.
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