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The grooves are probably non-conforming. 64 is legal for play.
You have to get stuff on sale and/or clearance. I just got a full set of GP New Decades for 2.99/grip @ Golf Galaxy - but I caught a clearance. Unless you're in a bind, there's no point in paying full price for any golf stuff unless you absolutely have to have the stuff right when it comes out.
They should have sunk one to stop the oil spill in the Guld
He must be high - to want to lug that hideous piece of garbage around. If that's conforming, then I should be able to carry a snowshovel and a bazooka with a "ROCKETBALLZ BY TAYLOR MADE" logo on the side.
I'd be into a NEOH-oriented outing of TST'ers. Any other takers?
My pre-round routine involves hitting a variety of chip and pitch shots with a set of 4 golf balls. I start with running chip shots, usually with my PW (I've ditched the 8 iron chip shot completely), then SW, then LW. I try to hit chips and pitches to an upslope and a downslope with all my shots. I usually chip at least 8 balls per shot/club before I play.   If I'm not tired after I play, I try to do the same thing.   I also practice at a range that has a short...
I'd tell myself to play golf instead of football as a young kid.   I kick myself for it. I had to stop playing football, where my ceiling was VERY limited, after my sophomore year of HS because of ongoing neck issues. Meanwhile, playing golf casually (probably about 15-20 times a year) I was decent but never went out for golf because of the obvious conflict with football. When I finally did go out as a senior, on the adamant urging of many buddies, I just missed the...
I was thinking the Callaway Diablo Forged or PING i15s.
All of these look really sweet. i20s, visually are a big improvement on the i15s. I'll have to see them in person before I can really figure it out, as the PING website doesn't have the best photography of the clubs.
I'm suprised that nobody has mentioned that it doesn't have to be an 'either-or' thing. You have many options in terms of attack, face angle, length, ball position, etc. that are going to create different results in different combinations. That's why short game practice is so vital. I hope this was a productive non-answering of the question :-)
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