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One way to tell is if you look at manufacturers' websites, virtually all of them list TGW as a certified online retailer. TGW is great. Globalgolf is awesome too. If you can ever catch an "Open Box Return" you can get an awesome deal on something that has never been used, often still with headcovers etc.
Skip Shale Creek. Overrated and overpriced. If you're going to be in Medina county - Pine Hills and Pleasant Valley are better options IMO.   Fowlers Mill and Sand Ridge (if you can get on) are nice.   I'm not sure how far West you'll go...but 3 other great options are Manakiki (Donald Ross), Sleepy Hollow and Grey Hawk. Also, since you've got country clubs listed, Lakewood CC is a great place, too.
I have a pretty acute disc issue in my back...and I play 4 or 5 times a week. In fact, staying active HELPS me. If I sit around and do nothing, I'm tighter, have more back spasms associated with the disc issue...etc.   Your buddy needs to go to a recommended orthopedist and (possibly) a back specialist recommended by the orthopedist. Get it looked at, an MRI, the whole bit and really figure out what's going on. There are about a hundred diffferent medical conditions...
Urrgh. Thanks for all your comments so far.
The chrome is going to last a little longer...but the others are going to have a little better feel. Once the chrome gets beat up, it'll feel fine...and it'll still have some grooves left. By the time the oil can or the dark finish wedges get nice and beat up, they'll have no grooves left.
I'm leery of this. It looks, in the pictures, like some of TMs newer players irons, but all the performance seems to be along the line of their GI stuff. I'd think that, in person, these aren't going to look as 'playersish' as they do in pictures. Besides that, the only visual that seems less GI is from the topline...the rest of the club is still clunky and fugly.
Looking for stuff about burnout vs. improvement arc. I dunno.
I am a teacher and I play a lot in the summer (4-6 rounds, or about 72+ holes, per week). Once I'm in school, I usually play 3 or 4 times a week, some weeks a touch less, until the snow hits.   After a 10 year layoff, I started playing golf again in the summer of 2009. I went from a guy who was happy to shoot in the mid 80's when I played as a kid, to a hacker for a brief minute when I picked the game back up, to a respectable mid-handicap by the end of my first...
Tommy Gainey
Let's start by saying that, for high-handicappers, rounds are destroyed exponentially more often by awful ball-striking and putrid short games.   Further...it's easy to sit up here as a single digit and forget when you really didn't know how far you hit each club. Or, when you weren't as sure of your misses and faults as you are now.     ....   Much of this thread is self-congratulatory masturbation. A convenient excuse for people who claim (online) to be...
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