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I'd take them out to the range or course with me...and ask them to show ME how easy this 'game' is to play.
Most pros can reallty carve it.  
I saw this lady get hooked in a Swedish film once. It was pretty extraordinary. The man doing the hooking was very talented.    
I won Russia.
I am glad I read this thread. I always thought being 'horned' was when a unicorn, rhinoceros  or bull violates your safety circle. You learn something every day.
70 (-2), 31 putts at Skyland Golf Course, Ohio   -Pretty unremarkable except for an eagle on the par 5th 10th (chip-in from 50 feet or so), a beautiful cut 5 iron from a long way out on 18 to make a par where, based on my drive, bogey or worse was much more likely, and solidly unspectacular play otherwise. I'll take that. The even keel.
Amazing putter on fast greens.  
I try to think as little as possible and make the 'obvious' choice.   I draw the ball into draw pins or go at the center. I cut the ball into cut pins or go at the center. If there's water or out of bounds or whatever kind of trouble off the tee or an approach, I generally start the ball at the trouble and work the ball away from it. I manage wind based on how it changes the number. If a green has tiers I try to hit my ball onto the tier where the pin is....
Some of the older putters have amazing feel. The old school blade putters that look like someone's melted down doorknob actually are amazing if you get the right one in your hands.
I wish long, downhill iron shot would have been on there. That's the hardest shot for me to hit.
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