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I voted for buried lie in the rough. I hate having so little control over the ball, and I LOATHE having to make decisions about shots based on 'negatives', meaning all the bad things that could happen.
2 rounds to catch up here...     Monday: 74 (+2) with 31 putts, Spring Valley Country Club, Ohio   Tuesday: +1 on 13 or 14 holes, Skyland Golf Course, Ohio - had to leave early due to an obligation
Not to get all Harvey Penick, but....     1 golf ball. 1 iron...generally something like a 7 or 9 iron that is cut down so that  he/she can swing it. 1 putter cut down that they can use. one practice green.   Make a game of it...make it fun. But, keep the kid with a club and a putter and have them learn to get up and down. Starting a kid around the green and teaching them that golf is about feel, being lined up right, and getting that white ball in the hole in...
These messages couldn't have been NEARLY as good as the ones he sent to some of his "ladies" ('loose' application of the term) that I heard on Howard Stern.
This is so silly.   I walk. I love walking.   I can play a faster round of golf, playing by myself, on a cart. It's simply a matter of miles per hour.   I do tend to think that 2 men to a cart can actually slow down a group. I KNOW it slows down groups playing badly for about 15 different reasons. Good players in carts will play similar to or faster than good players walking. Good players, however, will play pretty acceptably most of the time. A slow good...
I was twirling a putter in my hand today. It's very hot and humid here. I 'lost' it. So here I am, on my last hole of the day, done with the hole, spending a prolonged period of time fixing a dipsh*t mark I made in the green. But -  I fixed it.  
I want to start contributing to this thread...at least to keep a running journal for myself.   Today: 70 (-2), 31 putts, Skyland Golf Course, Ohio
I want less pro-tracer type stuff. Yes, it's amazing. But it reinforces just how good these guys are and how, as hard as I work, I'll never be that. I'd rather have shots poorly tracked on the fly and be allowed to keep my dreams.
Ball marks are a lot less problematic than skids and scuffs.   As for handicap, ability or experience being related to etiquitte levels - there is some correlation because someone who plays often will (hopefully!) learn by osmosis or social pressure the proper way to act.   However, any of us can probably pull up countless examples of good golfers acting badly.   Example: On Friday I went out early in the morning as a single at my home course. The group...
I walk unless weather, course topography or my injured back won't allow it. I would say that if I play 100 rounds, I walk 85-90 of them. Play better when I walk and enjoy the overall experience more when I walk.
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