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Titleist has the 712s in the hands of much of their tour guys. They had a list in this article of who was playing which set, but it's been removed.     Quote:  
As far as the original premise of the thread goes...I'd say that there's a higher percentage of guys with 'dated' equipment in their bags than guys that don't. Many if not most of the old school equipment contracts (that tied a guy to a certain product and lead to many horror stories with guys having to play irons they couldn't hit or work or score with at all) don't really exist anymore. Steve Stricker comes to mind. Here's a guy sponsored by Titleist, a fine equipment...
Not quite. But, if they feel they get better performance from a GI shovel, that's what the guys will play. A lot of folks chuckle at certain players playing GI irons, or having a bag full of hybrids. But the PGA tour, especially for 'average' guys, isn't like other pro sports. You only make what you win at tournaments. For those guys, if it's a choice between vanity and staying on tour, they'll choose to stay on tour. I'd rather pay my mortgage than play blades.
Depends on your set. I would agree with some of those above...with golf courses playing 'shorter' due to better equipment and balls...a  PW is a #10 iron for most guys. I don't use my pitching wedge today in the manner I used a PW when I was growing up playing golf 20 or more years ago. I use the PW from my set...but if I had a GI set, I might not.   I agree with the above poster that you should hit players clubs as far up in the set as you can handle. For most...
I'll leave it to the esteemed golf scribe, Kurt Vonnegut.   http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/harrison.html
Bomb & Gouge, young Jedi.
These irons don't look as bad in person as they do here...   The Anser forged are a lot worse looking in person. Thick topline, very much i15 esque.
I agree with this approach. Many of us might want a little more loft than a PW, but then again, I grew up playing all my short shots with a 9 iron, and later a PW, until I was in my mid-teens...and I am very solid with all my wedges now because of the feel I developed as a kid. So much of the short game, regardless of what stick you've got in your hand, is feel, imagination, and being able to assess the interconnectedness of the lie, green complex, club loft and what...
Unless you have stance width like Albert Pujols, that seems pretty tough to pull off.   Tiger and a few others advocate the 3 ball theory...essentially playing only 3 different positions in the stance. I try to basically do that because it's simple for me and I try to keep the setup fundamentals as simple and consistent as possible. I've added 2 special positions...I have a 'rear' position that's almost off my back foot, and a 'forward' position that's almost to my...
I sometimes think of "This dumb guy" / "That dumb guy" when I know I'm overcooking a shot in my mind. I don't stay on it, but it gets me out of a bad headspace once in a while. When that doesn't work, visualizing something involving Scarlett Johannson usually does the trick. Or thinking of great Pittsburgh Steeler moments. Anything.
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