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I'm not sure what the difference is between the NXT Extremes and the 'new' NXT's? Local GolfGalaxy has NXT extremes on sale for 20/dozen. I might get a few boxes once the tax return comes in.
Driver- 275-280 3 Wood- 245-255 3 Hybrid- 200-215 4 iron- 185-190 5 iron- 170-175 6 iron- 160 7 Iron- 150 8 Iron- 140 9 Iron- 130 PW- 120 52 Wedge- 105 56 Wedge- 90
It all depends. If you like the feel, stick with the wedge. I use the CG12 wedges with the DSG (52 and 56) and love them.
From GolfGalaxy I ordered: -Adams Fast 10 Driver, LH, 9.5 degree, regular flex -Adams Idea A7 2i Hybrid Also traded in my old Adams A4 Insight Tech driver.
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