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yea unfortunatley i guess thats en excuse to look for a newport 2 from scotty lh
I cant even put into words how much i love redhawk its such an all around challenging course from tee to green the fairways may look generous and a couple are but if you dont hit the right spot on the fairway you be in some deep rough.you cant just hit everyfairway in the middle it will end up in some nastly places also all the grass bunkers and slope and teired greens they had the champion tour q school there every year
yea them 32s are sweet they feel pretty good at impact
theres no such thing as a proper grip just do what feels right to you and what works for you theres no such thing as a grip you must use i tried most fundamentals that are considered proper but didnt work for me dont feel obligated to do what peolpe say , heck everybodys different i grip tighter,i swing harder and i hit the ball further than most. with my irons if i want to draw it in i actually open my stance a bit because standing parallel is proper but to me my dominant...
welcome ryan im from la quinta mang cheers
i think you meant i 15 its a sweet driver i had the ping g5 for a few years and it was longer then the burner so i say you cant go wrong with the i15 its so sweet looking i15 sweet driver and yes i didnt know there was an i10 the g10 had really good ratings the only thing about pings that bug me about mine is when i hit it off the toe the sound is a ping annoying sound but nothing sounds better when you flush it
just remember to hit it as hard as you can and you should be fine
i hit it pretty hard out of frustration at redhawk golf club in temecula i had so many looks at birdies and everything that day were lipping out and i just had enough but i wonder if it affects the roll? ive been using it and it seems different
no just the rubber end of the grip is torn off lol. so the end of my wedges shaft is imprinted on the putter face toward the center.lol at least i hit it solid lmao!!!!
those are some lovely irons but i hope they are real titleist zbs and not some fake ones because the price you paid is very low!!!!!and fake copies are getting more and more common!!!
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