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One of my favorite drivers is still the TM R7 425TP, which is now at least 7 years old.  It's shafted with the same Motore as my R11, and when I hit this driver well, it's every bit as long and actually feels quite a bit better.  The only thing I really notice is forgiveness on off-center hits.
In general, you should hold the club loosely, in your fingers.
I'm not quite sure I follow your question.
  That's fine.  It's not terribly easy to find 2 degree upright sets under $200.
I heard Nick Faldo say this once, and it really resonated with me.     It's easy to 'swing' the clubhead with minimal shoulder and body turn by manipulating the wrists.  Focusing on 'swinging the grip/handle' keeps the arms and body together on the takeaway and follow through.   There's also a Sandtrap thread on a book by Eddie Merrins related to the concept.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/19042/swing-the-handle-not-the-clubhead-by-eddie-merrins
  At 2 degrees upright and 1" over standard, resale will be tough anyways   Why not find a good used set that is already 2 degrees upright (pretty common fit), and have a local club make put an 1.25" extension in?  Even with new grips, you could probably come in under $300, and with better value than a clone set.   Example:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/VGShape-Titleist-DCI-762-Irons-Golf-Clubs-Reg-DG-R300-3-4-2-Upright-/151099583030?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item232e3caa36
Sounds like a good start.  Remember, swing the grip, not the clubhead.  
How were you comparing distances.. were both hit side by side?  Did you hit both on a launch monitor, or just a simulator in a golf shop?   I recently hit the 588CB and really liked them.  Distance was on par with my current irons, and within 5-7 yards or everything else I was hitting.  For me, trying different shafts had a big impact on launch angle and spin, which effects distance, so be sure to look at those numbers carefully.
If you like the size and shape of the 962, you'll probably like AP2 over the AP1.  I played the 962 for a while back in the early 2000s, and it's still a good club.   Don't overlook the importance of finding the right shaft, that can make a world of difference.
I'd advise against building this movement into your golf swing.  You do want to keep your right elbow soft and close to your side, but not at the cost of losing the club inside and your hands way outside.  I'd work on pitch shots and half swings, focusing on keeping your biceps close to your chest.         This will promote body turn and eliminate the requirement to manipulate the club with your hands.   Also, there is nothing wrong with a moderately...
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