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  If your AP1s and AP2s have the same shafts and grips, I'd probably consider something like this.  You can decide where the cutoff is for your mid-long irons for the AP1s.
How many greens in regulation do you hit per round?     There is a reason that many pros and top amateurs play do not bag blades.  I am certainly neither... and I'd rather be putting for birdie than chipping.
As others have said, you've got a nice, athletic swing.  I bet you have a tough time hitting a controlled cut or a fade though...   As you begin your down swing, you allow your hips to move toward the ball and your 'butt to come off of the wall.'  This is likely part of your pushes and shanks.  Honestly, I fight this exact issues as well.  I've found its a chain reaction stemming from my takeaway and the depth of my swing arc, relative to the ball.   For me,...
To the OP:   The Callaway game improvement irons that you're playing are a full club longer than your Muira's because they are game improvement clubs.  These clubs have lighter shafts, increased MOI (perimeter weighting), and decreased lofts... all things that help the average golfer hit the ball straighter and farther.  They are also manufactured using casting process, which, truly has no bearing on feel.   The x-forged are good clubs, I liked the 2009s the...
I'm currently using the SuperStroke Ultra Slim grip and like it quite a bit.  I tried the Fatso grip, but thought it was too large and negatively impacted feel.   The ultra slim is tacky and comfortable, and I like the way that it promotes quiet hands and softer grip pressure, but maintains good feel of the putter face.
Before shuffling your equipment, I'd really consider spending the $50 - $75 for a good lesson from a PGA professional.   If you're hitting very high slices with a 9.5/S driver, there are swingpath and impact issues that could be addressed.  Solid impact will benefit every club in the bag.
I grew up playing without a GPS/rangefinder, playing for 20 years and finally purchasing the Nikon LR550.   Using the laser rangefinder has sped up the pace of play for me, and helped me better understand my distances.  I typically do not use the rangefinder within 60 yards, but find it very useful when playing new courses and avoiding trouble, and fine-tuning things on the range.  Highly recommend!
I'm interested to see how this driver performs.  There was a very favorable review posted on WRX about this club, which was fun to read.     The technology makes sense to me... we may be talking incremental improvements in MOI and forgiveness, but I'd imagine the shaping and wall thickness of the cavity also allows them to do different things with the clubs center of gravity that wouldn't be possible with a 'traditional' head.
  To the OP... this may seem harsh but I believe it to be true and well-intended.     I guess I'll tell my story, because I'm not that much older than you and also loved golf at 19.   My father-in-law always said, "work hard now, so that some day you don't have to."    I played to an 8 index in high school and played all four years on our golf team, never really playing well until my senior year.  When I graduated high school I went to a D3 private school in the Northwest...
  There are a few companies that will refinish your iron heads. However, nicks and dings are part of playing forged irons.  These will never effect playability, and may even grow on your over time.  My Titleist ZM set looks pretty rough, but still play great.
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