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Give this a read, too:   http://www.golf.com/instruction/youre-playing-wrong-size-grips   After reading that article, I've been tempted to reevaluate my grips.
  Valid point, but ironically enough, I can't believe you're playing a driver from 1998!  
  Agreed.  The short product-life-cycle in the golf industry really only effects those who fall into the marketing jargon.  The guys I play with could care less who has the newest driver, irons, etc.  In fact, the guy who has the latest and greatest in his bag also carries the highest index :)   For the rest of us, it's a great way to get cutting-edge technology at a bargain.  Find a head you like.  Buy a real golf shaft.  Play golf.
  The MP53 is a good example of a solid players cavity.  It's not a blade, however     
I don't have any experience with the '13 X forged or Rocketbladez.  At a 0.7 handicap, I'd probably suggest either the CMB or the X-Forged.   I've hit the CMB and read numerous reviews... Thanks to a little Christmas bonus, these will be going in my bag for 2013.
A true muscleback blade is a giant leap from a Callaway Fusion iron.  I'd find a players cavity iron that you like the look of, with a shaft that fits your swing.   There are plenty of 'am I ready for blades' or 'blades helped me drop 5 strokes' threads on this forum... My personal belief is that blades are romanticized on internet forums and that a cavity or players cavity would fit most amateur golfers better.  The guys on tour trust their equipment to deliver...
  Launch angle, trajectory and spin rates are 90% shaft and 10% head.
  I still struggle with this as well.  I've found that contracting my abdominal muscles slightly at address and increasingly into impact helps me keep my butt on the wall and spine angle where it should be.  It also has helped my posture during the swing.   Give it a shot alongside the range bucket drill... it may help.
It's hard to tell from the photos above, but it looks like a fairly assymetrical and deep clubhead... Perhaps the graphics on the crown are to distract from this.  The flux capaciter-looking device on the sole looks out of place and poorly integrated.   Aesthetically this is a swing and a miss for me...  I'll keep the R11!
  I'm playing the R11TP, and several of the guys I play with use this club (or the S) as well.     I haven't ever seen a player adjusting the head to fit the shape of a hole or to combat swing flaws that produce wayward shots... and I don't think that is the intention of an 'adjustable' driver.    While the R11 head did allow me to slightly alter the launch angle and shape bias to suit how I'd like to hit the ball, once I found settings that I liked, I've left the wrench...
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