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I agree with k-troop above.  The TTDG x-stiff shafts are likely making golf much more difficult than it needs to be.  Rather than reshafting, I'd try and sell your irons and purchase a set fit for your swing.
Why not donate some plasma and pick up a TM R7 425 off of eBay for $50?     There are dozens of great drivers that can be had for a song.  For most players, moving a old driver on the cheap means a dozen nice balls in the least.  While I'd love to help you out, I certainly love "free" Pro V1s.
It's really too bad that Kevin didn't 'break' his putter... I've been dying to give this old Scotty Cameron away to a charitable cause.
You've actually got the foundation of a great swing.    Although the club is getting inside, you seem to be turning your shoulders about your spine well, and your hand's aren't coming out of plane like many do that have this type of takeaway.   On your backswing, feel increasing pressure between the left thumb and the pad of your right palm.  Let your left wrist hinge vertically on the way back, trying to keep the clubhead outside of your hands (you can practice...
  This logic just doesn't work.  The same basic things could have been said about oversize drivers a decade ago, and most of us have adopted drivers exceeding 400ccs.     The physics behind the a long putter are superior to a traditional putter... they make poor putters and strong putters better alike.  Most golfers make a more repeatable stroke with a long putter, and accuracy is improved due to the fixed handle.  It seems illegal... and it probably should be.   Go ahead...
That video is far from scientific, or conclusive.   While there is certainly a difference between the OEM/made-for shafts and a true aftermarket shaft, we don't how comparable these two shafts were in the first place.  Was the made-for shaft a 55g ultra-light driver shaft, and the aftermarket Aldila a 95g hybrid shaft?  The creator had an obvious bias in illustrating this difference.   A much better comparison would be seeing launch data from a 'real' and...
30 yards from a driver fitting for someone likely swinging below 90 mph?!  Come on now.   If you're fighting a slice, you're absolutely swinging inefficiently.  I'd take a lesson for a PGA certified pro and work getting the club on proper plane coming into the ball.  You'll pick up yards and confidence, while watching your index fall.   One of my playing partners is 5'5'' and he hits the ball a solid 270 off the tee... great swing an impact position.
Your head move quite a bit during your swing, and it looks like you're picking up your arms a bit quickly too.     It's hard to tell from this view, but as others have said it looks like your right hand is gripping the club pretty weak.  Post a caddie (front) view when you can.
There are tons of good options available for a ~9 handicap player... what is your budget, and what type of a look and feel do you prefer.   Coming from X-18s, most better players irons will look and feel very different.
  Cool.  The R11 is a good head!
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